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Top 11 Hacks For New Moms

4 min read

Top 11 New Mom Hacks

Nowadays, there are a lot of resources you can turn to, like searching the Internet and books, seeking advice from mom friends, mom groups, and even family members. New moms also learn from experience and do what works best for their little ones as time passes. In this blog, we have gathered different hacks to help new moms make their lives easier.


wet wipes

1. Put baby wipes everywhere

Baby wipes are handy for babies, not only for cleaning up their bums but also for spit-ups, spills, or wiping a mess from any surface. You can use it anywhere, so it is best to buy it in bulk and stash it everywhere in the house, in the car, in diaper bags, or wherever it can be of use. Make sure the wipes that you will purchase are fit for a baby's sensitive skin.



A baby on top of a portable diaper changing pad

2. Portable diaper changing pad

Portable changing pads are so useful, so you do not have to run upstairs to the changing station. You can organize a portable caddy that includes all the changing essentials like diapers, wipes, etc. That way, you can easily change your baby's diaper from any part of your house. 



Diaper changing station with cover
3. Changing covers may not be useful

It may not be suitable to buy changing covers even though they are cute and matches your baby's room. Those changing covers will still end up having a poop or pee, which means you need to wash them every time, which is additional work. It is best to get a changing pad that doesn't need a cover, and that can easily be wiped or cleaned.



folded clothes

4. Bring extra baby clothes and your clothes

You will never know when you're going to need them. Bringing baby clothes with you anywhere you go is a must as babies can easily spill their milk, have a spit-up, or have a pee accident. As for moms, sometimes those kinds of accidents also can happen to us, so it is best if we have spare clothes on the side.

White noise maker
5. White noise helps

White noise can help block other sounds and induce a person to a relaxing state or better sleep. You can condition your baby early having white noise in the background while they sleep. This way, they are not easily startled or disturbed by other noises. Sound machines or noise makers do not have to be expensive. There are available, inexpensive sound machines that you can buy in the market.



mom lying while nursing

6. Sleep while nursing

A hack that makes your time worthwhile. Breastfeeding may take 30 to 45 minutes per feeding session, depending on your baby. You can lie down while nursing them and take a quick nap rather than sitting, staring at a blank space, or watching TV. This is an excellent time to recharge, even for a few minutes (power naps can make a difference) while feeding your little one.



Father babywearing

7. Baby wearing

Baby wearing is now the norm. It is carrying a baby on a wrap, sling, or carrier. There are many benefits of baby wearing. It can help reduce crying, helps assist you in breastfeeding, and promotes bonding and connection. It also makes both hands available ready to do your daily tasks. Your baby's safety is your top priority. Baby wearing is safe if it is correctly done and you have a quality wrap. You can join baby wearing groups on social media to see what brands are recommended and used mainly by moms


8. Learn about dream feeding

Dream feeding is the practice of feeding your baby while they are still sleeping, semi-awake, or in a dreamy state. This aims to encourage your baby to sleep longer. To do this, you place your baby in a sleeping position and gently stroke your baby's mouth to stimulate the rooting reflex, then offer the breast or a bottle. With this technique, you do not have to wait for your baby to wake up hungry and crying. You encourage them to feed before you go to sleep. Based on studies, and according to moms, this helps the baby sleep longer for about 4 hours before they awaken again, which is helpful for both parents as they can also have their needed sleep.

backpacks white and black
9. A backpack can be useful

Most new moms would want the cutest diaper bag. However, based on other moms' experience, they prefer having a big bag, preferably a backpack. Choose a neutral color that either moms or dads can carry. They say a backpack is more practical as you can just carry it on your back, making your hands accessible to carry the baby. On the other hand, diaper bags can make your things more organized by having compartments specifically made for your baby's things. However, it is usually carried on the shoulder or around the body.

Cutting baby's nails while sleeping
10. Trimming your baby's nails while sleeping

Most experienced moms know this, and we are glad to share this hack with you. It is easier to cut your baby's fingernails while they are snoozing compared to when they are awake. Their hands tend to wiggle and move more when awake, so it is hard for us to do the said task. We do not want to hurt our little ones, so it is best to do it while they are asleep.


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11. Swaddloop Blanket

Every mom has recommendations but when it comes to swaddle blankets, we recommend the Swaddloop blanket by MEMEENO. The name itself says it all. The blanket is created with a loop so parents can use it for different functions. They can use it as a nursing cover, playmat, stroller cover, car seat cover, and many more depending on how they would like to use it. Its size is extra large, 48x48, made with premium quality materials, luxuriously soft and lightweight. It can be used by newborns up to toddlers.



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