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15 Disney Costume Ideas for Halloween

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15 Disney Costume Ideas For Halloween

Summer is about to end, and the leaves will soon fall as we welcome autumn. During these months, many holidays are celebrated worldwide, and one of the most anticipated, especially for the kids, is Halloween.This is the time when kids wear costumes (funny, scary, magical, fictional, whichever they prefer) and do trick or treating. It is the season to make jack-o-lanterns, attend Halloween parties, or visit haunted attractions. This is also one of the days when moms and dads get busy thinking and searching for the perfect costume for their kids. If your kids are into a magical, happy, non-scary vibe this year, look no further, Disney is the perfect answer. Check out these top Disney costumes you can buy or DIY for your kids or your entire family!

MEMEENO Gas and colic relief for babies. Disney princesses costume DIY

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Disney Princesses

Most little girls choose to become the princesses they look up to. Since most Disney films are about bravery, loyalty, and strength, these young girls are inspired to become their favorite Disney royalty. There are officially 13 Disney princesses that they can choose from (see the list), and others that are not included on the list are Disney heroines.

MEMEENO Belly Bands for gas and colic Disney Halloween Costumes Disney Princesses
Disney princesses:

  • Snow White
  • Cinderella
  • Aurora
  • Ariel
  • Jasmine
  • Belle
  • Tiana
  • Mulan
  • Pocahontas
  • Merida
  • Rapunzel
  • Raya
  • Moana

Boo costume Disney. Babies gas and colic
Boo from Monster's Inc.

If you are thinking about what your toddler can portray this Halloween, think of the cutest toddler in the Disney Universe! Boo from Monster's Inc. is a 2-year-old little girl that accidentally entered the monster's world. The costume is effortless. All you will need is a pink shirt, violet leggings, white socks, pink pigtails, rosy cheeks, and an overload of cuteness.


mickey mouse costume DIY Belly band for babies colic
Mickey Mouse

If you do not want to overthink costumes, go for the Disney legendary icon, which is nonother than (drumroll please) Mickey Mouse! There are various Mickey ears and costumes you can order from Amazon, or you can do it yourself. Your child will need a black shirt (long sleeves preferably), red shorts with white buttons or two white circles attached to them, black leggings or knee socks, yellow slip-on or shoes, and of course, don't forget the famous Mickey ears!

DIY minnie costume baby belly band relieves gas and colic

For your little Disney fan girl, she can portray Mickey's counterpart, Minnie! An easy, effortless costume if you choose to DIY. All you need is the same stuff mentioned on the mickey costume except the red short part, as you will need a red polka skirt or red polka dress. Also, to make it more distinguished, do not forget the Mickey ears with a bow!

Woody MEMEENO bands for fussy baby

Woody is a good-hearted cowboy toy owned by Andy in the 1995 Toy Story film. This is also one of the most iconic characters Disney has made. Woody's costume is hard to DIY as it has so many details. It is best to order the costume online or from other party costume stores.


 Buzz lightyear costume MEMEENO for gas and colic

Buzz Lightyear

Woody's partner to infinity and beyond, Buzz Lightyear, is also an iconic character from the Toy Story franchise. A space ranger toy from the planet of Morph, doing the costume yourself may not be easy but doable. You can search how-to's from Pinterest and Youtube in creating Buzz. Woody and Buzz costumes are best worn by your kid and his best bud, by twins, siblings, etc. If you have no time to do a DIY, there are a lot of shops online that sell this costume.

Wreck it ralph costume MEMEENO baby belly bands to help with gas and colic
Wreck it Ralph

Another easy costume for your kid! To be Ralph, you will only need brown overalls and an orange shirt under them. Ralph also needs messy hair, thick eyebrows, and two big fists! This costume can also be worn by dads and be partnered with Vanellope von Schweetz as their daughter0s.

Vanellope Von Schweetz Gas and Colic MEMEENO

Vanellope von Schweetz

One of the cutest and sweetest Disney characters is Vanellope von Schweetz from "Wreck it, Ralph." This character costume can be DIYed; you only need a mint green hoodie, brown skirt, mint green socks or leggings, and black boots/shoes. For the hair, a red scarf tied on the hair plus cute colorful clips that look like candies.

Elsa Frozen MEMEENO gas and colicAnna Frozen Gas and colic MEMEENO
Elsa and Anna, crowd favorites

Who else doesn't know about the hits, "Let it go, Love is on open door, Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" Crowd favorites, Anna and Elsa won the hearts of many little girls As for wearing them, a light blue dress can work for achieving the "Elsa look" whilst for Anna, we suggest to buy online or from your local costume shop, as Anna's outfit has many details and may be hard to copy.


Disney Olaf costume MEMEENO gas and colic relief


There may be a lot of Elsa and Anna fans but let us not forget the friendliest and truest friend of Arendelle's princesses, Olaf! One of the easiest costumes you can DIY, there are many ways you can make the said costume. Watch tutorials on how to make Olaf and you might be able to use the materials you already have at home. Simple white clothing that can resemble a snowman will do.


Maleficent Costume Disney MEMEENO bands for gas and colic


In case your child would like to portray something dark, different, but Disney, being a Maleficent can be an option. This costume may take an effort if you would like to DIY. You have to make its horns, wings and of course the black clothing. Although there are many tutorials available online that you can do, you can still buy the costume from a shop to save more time.

Tinkerbell Disney costume MEMEENO baby belly bands for gas and colic


If your little girl is up for wearing fairy wings and tutus then Tinkerbell is the costumer for her! A green dress or a tutu, fairy wings and an imaginary fairy dust can do! If your little one has a green dress or tutu, she can use them and buy some fairy wings for her to achieve the look.

Army Man Costume MEMEENO Gas and colic relief

Sarge from Toy story

If you want to put more effort or go all out this halloween, you can create a DIY "Sarge" costume, an army man from Toy Story. Sarge leads all his army men, responsible for all the military missions in and out of Andy's home and reports everything to Woody. Oh and we forgot to mention, he is a plastic toy. This may require a lot of green spray paint for the clothes and accessories plus a green paint for the face. For a lesser effort, there is a ready to wear green army man costume that you can buy from Amazon.



The Incredibles costume MEMEENO for gas and colic relief
The Incredibles

If your entire family is planning to wear Disney costumes, a perfect choice would be the Incredibles. A family of superheroes saving the world, you can get an Incredible costume for as lows as $24 in Amazon. If you want to do a more simple one, you can iron an Incredibles sticker logo to a red shirt. Wear black pants and do not forget the black superhero mask.

seven dwarves accessories disney MEMEENO
Snow white and the dwarves

These costume is also for the whole family. Mom can be Snow White, Dad as the prince and the kids as the dwarves. If you are willing to splurge, their costumes are available in Amazon. If you want to save, DIY is the solution. Most moms used felt to create these costumes and you can check out Pinterest for a step-by-step instructions.


There's a lot of Disney characters that your kids can choose from and it may not fit this current blog. We will be glad to share more Halloween costume ideas as the said holiday approaches. Thanks for reading! 


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