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 As a Newborn Care Specialist and Postpartum Support provider, I feel safe using the MEMEENO Belly Band with my clients and their precious babies. In the past I have used various types heating pads for babies with gas issues. This one is by far the safest one I have used. All you do is let their body heat do the work, no heating in a microwave first or using one that plugs in and gets way too hot for a newborn. Thank you MEMEENO for creating a product that helps our sweet little ones with their tummy troubles.

 -Rebecca Doran, Certified Newborn Specialist & Sleep Consultant



I am currently an internal medicine resident physician and needed something to help with my baby's stomach pain. I am grateful for being introduced to MEMEENO as it’s made the transition into motherhood easier. I definitely recommend this band to help alleviate their babies' stomach pain. My favorite is the gray and pink flowers band!

                                       -Dr. Sonia Ahmed, M.D., Internal Medicine⁠



Baby gassy and colicky?? Belly Bands from MEMEENO is your solution!! These are amazing for a number of reasons! They are safe, they are natural and it’s an external method to relieve colicky and gassy issues.

-Karoline Babaian, Founder & Certified Sleep Coach, The Sleep Nest



Dreamz ExpressI ordered the wrap and the baby bloomers... It did exactly what I wanted it to do - helped with a  light compression on my baby’s belly to get that gas moving (lots of toots coming out!) and kept the tummy warm and toasty to comfort him. I am so happy I found this wrap! Now I know that my sleep training efforts will not be negatively impacted by my baby’s gassiness! Thank you MEMEENO!

                — Michelle Leon-Gibson, Certified Child Sleep Consultant (Family Sleep Institute)



Many of my clients use this MEMEENO belly band. It offers a greThe Colic Consultantat natural solution to help ease gas and general fussiness. Belly banding has been practiced by many cultures for centuries. MEMEENO bands are made from organic cotton and come in many cute designs. Wrapped with love!
                           — Collette Hopper, The Colic Consultant 



Tonja B's Sleep ConsultingI have worked with a lot of families with young babies and the one aspect of sleep disruption that is reported is gas pain a.k.a colic a.k.a fussy baby who won't sleep well. I am here to today to introduce to you a great product that will help calm a fussy baby due to uncomfortable gas. [MEMEENO] offers belly bands that provide soothing comfort for gas and colic symptoms. Check them out!! 

                             - Tonja B., Sleep Consulting



I have had a pediatric and prenatal chiropractic practice for over a decade and the number one reason new moms bring their babies in for chiropractic care- while other methods have failed- is acid reflux and tummy issues. MEMEENO's belly bands are sometimes the only thing to provide relief to these babies with gastrointestinal issues. I love MEMEENO's products because not only are they the only company that provide a non-invasive and gentle method, but they do so with all organic cotton and non-toxic material.

                          - Dr. Nona Djavid, SoulScale


It helps my LO in a matter of seconds. She feels relaxed so much with it on that she falls asleep every time I have put it on her. Fantastic purchase!

                  - Janell


I just got this and it has really helped my baby girl relax and get the gas out!! I'm going to buy it for my friends who are having babies soon. Thanks for this innovation!

                 – Cami

I bought this for two friends so far whose babies had a lot of “colic,” which essentially boils down to tummy trouble. Both mommies loves the baby belly band, which is quite a novel item. The bands helped soothe the little tummies, which got both mommies and babies some much needed rest and proper sleep. MEMEENO’s organic materials are also incredibly soft against the tiny bellies, so having the babies wear them with only their diapers during the hot summer days worked. The prints are really adorable and fun too. I definitely recommend this to other moms and wish I could’ve tried it on my own kids when they were babies. If you’re a bit skeptical, don’t worry; so were these moms until they tried them. So give them a try!




This item is amazing for the beginning stages of a newborn since they can be super gassy. This is helpful for our baby that didn’t like to be swaddled since it wraps his belly tightly and keeps him snug, warm and helps with his gassiness. I highly recommend it for new moms, its a great product to keep around, you never know when you will need it.
                 -H. Bon

I absolutely love the swaddle blanket and belly band! My little sleeps so much better and has less fussiness. I highly recommend!!!             -Brittani T.

My son was born with an umbilical hernia and it just kept getting bigger because he’s always struggling to pass gas or poop. I got this hoping it would help keep it down and it helped a lot! It also helps him pass gas easier.
              — Jalina H. 

We got these precious new swaddles from @mymemeeno!!! I love these so much because it's BIG!! It has 6 different ways to use it so your really getting your money's worth! 🙌🙌 If your looking for a swaddle set definitely check it out!!!                       -@the_greene_crew

We have been using this since our daughter was 5 or 6 months old. She is now 11 months. It has really helped her sleep better. I think partially due to a snuggled feeling (we always make sure we can comfortable for 3-4 fingers under it as our guide) but it also seems to help her push out gas that may be trapped. I have noticed that if she is fussy and squirming once we put this on in preparation for bed time she has some gas pass and seems to relax
           -Brittany Green

I just had my 4th child recently and before he was born, I came across the memeeno baby belly band and thought that's such a great idea. I swaddle all my kids for the first few months because I just feel their tummies need that extra support and warmth. But when it's warm out, that becomes a problem. The belly band supports the tummy and keeps him warm enough. I simply love it! I was pleasantly surprised by the construction. It's sturdy without being rough and hard and when it came to the patterns, I had such a hard time choosing! Looking forward to ordering from this seller again- the drool bibs are ADORABLE!

This product has been wonderful!! It's easy to use and has a noticeable effect on our baby. We have struggled with tummy aches and I used to use a weighted heat pack on our baby's belly, but it would always slide off, so it wasn't very effective. Kate is very calmed by the band/compression on her tummy and it is great quality- not just a flimsy piece of fabric. Another plus side was that it got here in three days, which is much faster than most small shops. That really makes a difference when you've got a screaming baby!!! We love Memeeno products now and we will be trying more of them!

Love love love these bands, my daughter was born with a large tummy hernia & these have helped tremendously. Great quality too. I wash hers once a week & it still looks like new. I asked the seller some questions & the seller is so nice!!!! Thanks!! :)
         -Araceli Morgan

I cannot brag enough on how much this band helped my gassy little babe. It's so comforting knowing that this took the place of the medicine I was constantly having to give him. My son also is one to try to rip off anything that isn't comfortable and not once has he ever been bothered by the band. Highly recommend
         -Allison, MEMEENO customer





"Genius idea! I never liked swaddling my baby and he would constantly get out of it. This belly band was perfect to keep him snug without feeling stuffy. Material is top quality and design is so cute!"
                                          -Natania, MEMEENO Customer

It has made a HUGE difference!
We bought the wrap for our newborn who was gassy & constipated. We put it on her every night, and she’s doing much better!
                -Maggie, MEMEENO Customer

“My 2 month old loves it, she is no where near as cranky.”
                   -John P. MEMEENO Customer 


I just love this band. I was skeptical at first but it really does work to calm a fussy baby and make her pass gas. The fabric is amazingly soft to the touch. I'm buying this again and gifting to all my pregnant friends!  

                 -Nabil A., MEMEENO Customer


My poor baby had colic and gas something terrible. Got this after seeing an ad for it and figured why not? I had tried everything else. This little belt was a life saver! I don't know what it was about it, but within minutes of it being on my baby had calmed down and the fussing/crying quit. My baby started passing more gas with this on, which in turn made his belly feel better so he didn't cry/fuss like he had been.
                       -Karen, MEMEENO Customer


My poor baby girl was so fussy from gas pains. My husband and I bought two MEMEENO bands for her and boy do they work! She is less fussy because she's able to pass her gas easier and sleeps much better at night! Thank you for helping baby and momma sleep more through the night!

            -Kristin M., MEMEENO Customer


*There's no guarantee of specific results as they can vary from one infant to another.