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How It Works

memeeno band for gas and colic


 Care. Comfort. Connect.














What is the belly band for?


 Protect the Tummy            Provide Gentle Compression & Warmth


      Help with Gas, Colic & Constipation          Soothing, Snuggly Feel for Babies.



Parents Love MEMEENO

five star

This has been a life saver!

"Bought this for my lil guy, he was a preemie and spent the first 5 days of his life in NICU and he has some tummy discomfort bad and I put this on him and it works!! He gets his gas out and when he can’t poop it helps and it calms him down from the tummy pains!! Couldn’t live without this. 💕" -Amanda Pletscher


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Plume Belly Band


Product Use & Safety


At MEMEENO we take infant safety very seriously. That’s why our apparel products are designed in accordance to the American Academy of Pediatric's (AAP) guidelines for Safe Sleep. To ensure the safest fit, design and materials, the MEMEENO baby belly band has undergone various tests to meet all voluntary and mandatory safety regulations in third-party labs certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The MEMEENO band uses certified organic cotton and organic water-based dyes in all its dyes. Belly Bands in various forms, much like swaddles, have been used throughout the centuries in various cultures around the world. This band has been redesigned and updated. See our Product Use & Safety page for more information.


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