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Birthday Party On A Budget? Here's How.

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MEMEENO Blog: Birthday Party on A Budget? Here's How.

Birthday parties nowadays may not be as simple as before. Back then, we had the usual birthday streamer, assorted balloons, pin the tail on the donkey game, pinatas, and a simple home-baked cake. Celebrations today are different; people follow the latest trends and ensure photos are perfect and instagrammable. If you are on a budget, you may find it challenging to plan a children's party or fulfill your teen's birthday plans. Resourcefulness and creativity might be needed to make this work. We have collected some ideas to help you throw a fantastic yet memorable birthday party on a budget.

MEMEENO: Birthday on a budget

Party at home

The first thing to plan is where you will be hosting the party. Renting a venue is out of the question as your goal is to save, and the best place for a party is non-other than your humble abode. Depending on the number of guests, you can choose to host it in your living room, dining room, or backyard. To avoid the hassle of putting up many decors, it is a wise choice to host the party outdoors (backyard, garden, etc.) 

Consider the time

Next to plan is the time of the party. If you wish to serve food for lunch or dinner, you may do so, but it will obviously take more time, money, and effort. If you want to stay on a budget, you can choose off-time hours like 2:00 PM so you can serve finger foods and snacks for the kids. Off-time hours are much more appropriate for playtime and games.

Keeping the guest list small

You are not required to invite the whole class, all their playground friends, or their soccer team. Make a guest list and ask your child who they would like to come. Keeping your guest list small can help you save on food costs and have a more private celebration. In making a guest list, remember to add a plus one to each guest as parents and guardians may accompany their kids.

Cut the invitation costs

Availing services for making and printing invitations may cost you so we suggest to DIY. Everything now is digital; you can send your invites via email or social media. You and your kids can create an invitation free through different sites like canva.com, etc., and send it out to your guests virtually. You can save around $2 to $6 per actual invitation by doing this.

Check the decors you already have

It's time to check your existing decorations and see if you can use something in line with your child's party theme. You may need to get crafty and show your creative side to transform those decors into the desired concept. You can encourage your child to choose a theme similar to your existing decorations. That way, you do not need to spend much, and you can allot more budget to food. Another way to save is to make DIY (do-it-yourself) decors using the materials you already have. Most DIY tutorials are available online, or you can be artsy and modify them according to the chosen theme.



Birthday printables hanged by dad
Check out FREE printables

Today's parents are lucky as everything is searchable online. With the help of Pinterest, you can get different party ideas and print decorations needed for the celebration. Print them for FREE. There is no need to drive down to your local party shop to do some decor-hunting. This will save you gas, time, and energy.



Birthday party on a budget: improvised cake
Choosing a cake

You have the option to order a fancy-themed cake from pastry shops, but since we are on a budget, we are opting for affordable options. If you have the skill in baking and decorating, then this job is for you! You can save more by buying the ingredients and baking the cake yourself.

If you do not have the time or the skill to bake, you can just pick up a generic cake, redecorate, add an edible toy or decors fit for the theme. You can also improvise, like a donut cake (stacks of donuts) or a cake made of layers of cupcakes and kitkats, depending on your child's wishes.


Children playing at a birthday party
Entertaining your guests

You can conduct games that do not need many props, or you can shop wooden figurines at a dollar store for your little guests to paint. Prepare classic games like musical chairs and the like, as those games have been a hit for generations. Give small prizes to the winners as kids love to be awarded. For more simple yet enjoyable party activities for kids, you can visit, Birthday Party Games for Kids.

Be practical

Consider your child's age when planning their birthday parties. If your child is just turning one, there is no need for an extravagant party as your child will not remember anything on their first birthday. Also, do not limit your birthday celebrations to traditional home parties; let your kids decide how they would like to celebrate their big day. Be it a trip to the zoo, museum, or ice cream shop. Birthdays can still be memorable wherever or however, your child wanted to celebrate it, what matters most is, it is celebrated with friends and loved ones.

Provide choices

Let your child decide how they would like to celebrate their big day as long as it is within the budget. They can choose to have a party that may serve as a gift from you, an option to go someplace and tag along some friends, go on a birthday trip, or ask for something they really want as their present.


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