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FAQs - Belly Bands

What is belly banding? Where did it come from?

Belly banding or abdominal binding is a more common practice than many people might think. Although not proven clinically, for centuries, parents and doctors across the globe in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, have recommended and relied on belly banding, binding or warming to help reduce gas and stomach aches by simply wrapping a cloth, band, or binder around baby's waist and tummy. There are many causes and remedies for gas, colic and fussiness. What works for some babies may not work for others. Always consult a doctor about your little one’s symptoms.

Must my baby have colic or gas to use the band?

No. Belly banding helps to warm and protect the tummy, whether or not a baby is colicky or gassy. For years, parents have been fastening bands on their babies' tummies to keep bellies warm and protected. This natural method has long lasting effects on a baby, and for centuries mamas have been banding their babies immediately after birth as a way to soothe and keep baby calm and protected. In some cultures, belly banding is even practiced throughout to adulthood.

How do I fasten the belly band around the baby?

Gently wrap around baby’s waist, snuggly fasten at the belly, leaving one or two finger spaces in between baby and band. A little pressure is okay, but do not fasten too tight. It can be worn directly on the skin or over a bodysuit.





What are the main uses of a belly band?

The primary use of this band or binder is to keep baby's tummy warm. The belly band helps to calm and soothe baby by applying a little hug and warmth on the tummy. It also protects the belly to prevent stomach colds. The breathable band also protects the navel and umbilical cord area from bacteria or dirt that may come from clothing or diapers. Thus, it helps to reduce potential infection or irritation in the sensitive navel region.

When should I put the belly band on the baby?

The best time is after a warm bath. But the band can be worn any time throughout the day or night and any season of the year. Whenever you think is best for your baby.

Can my baby wear the band while sleeping?

Yes. It is safe to wear while sleeping at night underneath pajamas.

Can I put the band on while feeding my baby?

No. We highly recommend NOT putting the band on while baby is nursing or feeding. Wait about between half an hour to an hour after feeding.

The band slides up, what should I do to keep it in place?

All bands tend to move as your baby grows and there are more wiggles. But there are ways to keep it from sliding. Wear the band underneath a bodysuit, this will help keep it in place and is closest to the skin, which allows it to do it's magic by heating using your baby's body temperature.

If you want to place it over a bodysuit, we recommend making it a bit tighter than you would if you put it on underneath. This helps the velcro to catch and keep it in place better. If the band is too loose, and there is no tension, the band will move. The medical grade soft velcro is used as a safety factor for the baby. Also, do not wear over outer clothes or pajamas.

What are the care and washing instructions for the band?

To ensure optimal care, hand wash with like colors and air dry. They dry quickly. This will help maintain color stay and shape. Putting it in a dryer may alter the size, shape and colors of the band. 

Putting the band in a washer and dryer will degrade the delicate baby soft velcro, which will catch on to other clothes, thus loosing its efficacy. That's why we recommend hand wash and air dry.

What sizes are available?

One size. The band fits newborns to 1 year old infants. It has adjustable super soft touch fastener that allows it to grow with your baby. 

What is the material used in the bands?

The front and back layers are made of 100% organic knit cotton. The middle is a thin layer of 100% polyester fleece to increase the warmth factor. There are no toxic chemicals, making the band safe and secure for your baby. The band is BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free, Anti-bacterial, and eco-friendly. We use100% organic water-based dyes in all our bands. 

What's your brand name mean?

Our label, MEMEENO, is the combined nicknames of our two children Mimi+ Ameeno = MEMEENO

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