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Our Baby Experts

Alie certified sleep consultant

Alie Al-Jadda, Founder of MEMEENO and Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Alie is founder of MEMEENO, a luxe baby brand specializing in its signature product, the organic cotton belly band for infant gas and colic relief. Alie designed the product and has made it her mission to help other mothers snuggle, soothe and connect with their babies, while helping to relieve gas and colic symptoms, one belly at a time. She wants to share her soothing method with other moms, who might be experiencing the same thing with their babies and who are looking for an all-natural solution. A mom of two and as a certified pediatric sleep consultant, Alie, loves to work with parents and their children to go through an extensive learning and assessment process to help guide them towards achieving their sleep goals. She provides optimized sleep solutions, continued follow-ups, and reassessment of all her sleep plans.






Doula Adriana

Adriana Jean Louis, DP(CD), Midwife  


Adriana has been a practicing doula both in birth and postpartum for over four years serving families physically and virtually for over four years through childbirth education, emotional/physical support,  After attending countless births and recognizing the needs of women, especially minority women she felt the call to pursue Midwifery. Doula Philosophy was founded also in response to this need where the impact is not only with families but also in teaching and training doula skill. You can find Doula Philosophy via our website and also on social media on Instagram and Pinterest. I am so looking forward to connecting you in this journey!













Sleep Nest

Karoline Babaian, Founder and Certified Sleep Coach for The Sleep Nest®. 

It is her mission to help children build healthy sleep habits! She is a mother of two little girls; one whose bad sleep habits became a blessing in disguise. If it weren't for her firstborn’s need to learn to sleep independently, she would not be here helping the many families in the same boat! Hand-selected, trained, and certified, her journey began when her older daughter started having consistent sleep troubles. She tried so many different ways to get her to sleep, but they just did not work out. To learn more, go to: www.thesleepnest.com and book a FREE call today! You can also find her across all social media platforms including FB & IG @thesleepnest












Nurse Whitney

Whitney Benson RN, BSN, CLC

Nurse Whitney has been a Registered Nurse for 10 years with 8 years of experience in Labor & Delivery and Antepartum Care working in a Perinatologist’s office. She obtained her CLC (Certified Lactation Counselor) in 2016 and helps new Mamas with breastfeeding everyday! Whitney has been educating new parents by teaching Childbirth, Baby Basics, Breastfeeding, and Infant CPR classes for the last 5 years. Recently Whitney started a YouTube Channel(Baby Bump Life), Blog BabyBumpLife.com,   Instagram and Podcast (Baby Bump Life). All which contain education and are great resources for new parents!