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The Swaddloop Blanket


MEMEENO Swaddloop Swaddle Blanket SAGE 

a Little Loop, a Huge Difference

MEMEENO's extra large 48"x48" Swaddloop blanket is made from the finest blend of materials making it luxuriously soft, stretchy and lightweight. The patent-pending elastic loop design, gives the swaddle blanket a unique 6-in-1 multi-functionality, helping parents snuggle, soothe and love more.

1 Loop + 1 Swaddle = 6 Uses = Swaddloop

  • traditional swaddle or toddler blanket
  • fully adjustable nursing cover
  • car seat or carrier cover
  • car window shade (just hang the loop on the hook to shade your babe from the sun)
  • play mat
  • hero's cape for super hero moms (and their sidekicks)! 

Pair it with a matching top-knot hat or anti-gas, anti-colic baby belly band to make an ideal baby shower gift! 

Into the Loop

Swaddloop Swaddle 6-in-1 multi-use baby blanket all-purpose nursing, carrier cover, all season