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Does swaddling make babies sleep better?

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Baby swaddling MEMEENO swaddle blanket

Swaddling is an old-aged universal practice of wrapping babies in blankets to keep them from excessive crying and has been used since 4000 BC. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, swaddling has possible benefits, like waking up less and sleeping longer. Swaddled preemie babies have improved neuro-muscular development, motor organization, self-regulatory ability, and less distress. Swaddling makes a baby feel snug, warm and secure, like in their mother's womb, and it can make infants cry less and help soothe their pain. Also, some babies startle themselves awake because of loud noise or movement, and this will likely less happen when they are swaddled.

Swaddling can help warm your baby and regulate their temperature, but parents should be cautious as it can also cause hyperthermia (an increase in body temperature.) It is important to use light, breathable swaddle blankets that will not cause overheating. Moms and dads should also be aware of the correct swaddling and positioning to avoid developing hip dysplasia (problem with the hip joint). There should be enough room for movement of their baby's legs and natural growth of the hip joints.

The practice of swaddling is low risk for babies as long as safe sleeping and swaddling guidelines are followed. Let your baby sleep in the supine position, not on their sides nor prone, as this can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Parents should also stop swaddling when their babies show signs of rolling over. It is also essential to properly wrap and ensure the swaddle blanket is securely tucked, as a loose blanket can be a safety hazard. You may also read: How to swaddle your newborn to know more.


Introducing the Swaddloop Blanket by MEMEENO

MEMEENO Swaddle blanket

The MEMEENO Swaddloop blanket has an elastic loop design, gives the swaddle blanket a unique 6-in-1 multi-functionality, helping parents snuggle, soothe and love more. 

1 Loop + 1 Swaddle = 6 Uses = Swaddloop




 Ways to Use the MEMEENO Swaddloop Blanket

 1. Swaddle Blanket


2.Nursing cover

Nursing cover swaddle blanket


3.Stroller/seat cover

seat cover swaddle blanket stroller cover swaddle blanket


4. Play mat

play mat swaddle blanket


5. Superhero cape

swaddle blanket MEMEENO cape


6. Car window shade and many more...



a Little Loop, a Huge Difference

MEMEENO's extra-large 48"x 48" Swaddloop blanket is made from the finest blend of materials making it luxuriously soft, stretchy and lightweight. Super soft that brings comfort and surely your baby will love. Parents love this blanket as it has a little loop that makes it multi-functional and can be used from newborn up to toddler years.

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