First Time Hearing About Baby Belly Banding?

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MEMEENO baby belly bands for gas and colic relief


Is this your first time hearing about baby belly banding? Glad you've come across this blog! If you have a newborn who gets fussy every night, looks uncomfortable, and might have gas, colic, and constipation symptoms, then baby belly banding is for you! Belly banding or abdominal binding is a traditional method of warming your baby's tummy to help reduce gas and stomach aches by simply wrapping a cloth, band, or binder around their waist. For centuries, it has been used across the globe in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America and has been recommended by parents and doctors. Although not proven clinically, the band had effectively soothed babies and was used for generations.

Since the old baby belly bands are not very good quality and are string-tied, Alie, MEMEENO's founder and being a mom of a fussy, gassy, colicky premie, had created a more improved baby belly band. This time the bands are made of layers of premium organic cotton with fleece lining, have an adjustable strap instead of strings, and have stylish water-based designs that are safe for babies.

It soothes and calms your baby by applying gentle pressure and makes their tummy warm as it is self-heating. It also prevents the belly from getting stomach colds, and its breathable layers protect the umbilical cord and navel area from bacteria that may come from soiled diapers or clothing.


When to use the baby belly band

When using it the first time, we recommend putting it on after a warm bath. Try it on for 20 minutes to 1 hour, then gradually increase it as needed. It may be something new for your little one, and slowly introducing it to your baby can help him get used to the band.

How to use the band

Wrap it gently around your baby's belly with one to two finger spaces between the band and their tummy. Do not fasten too tight. You can put it over a onesie or directly on the skin. Make sure to place it under the arms and over the belly. Also, please do not wear it over a swaddle or swaddle sac as it can be a strangulation or suffocation hazard. Wear it over light, breathable, or cotton fabrics to prevent overheating. You can leave the belly band as long as it is helping your baby; there is no time limit for its usage. We recommend adult supervision when the baby wears the band while asleep.


Correct Way To Wear a Baby Belly Band               Wrong Way to Wear the Baby Belly Band


Will it work for my baby

The results will vary as every baby is unique and responds differently from the band. Some may take a few more tries to see the effects, while others take as little as 20 minutes to see its effectiveness. You can visit our FAQs to learn about baby belly bands and our company's policies.


You can also read more about, Why Use A Belly Band?


An All-Natural Way To Relieve Gas & Colic

All bands are safe for your baby and made of super soft 100% organic cotton front and back with a polyester fleece infill to ensure your little one’s optimal belly warmth and comfort.  It's the ideal size to prevent slippage and only covers the tummy area. The hand-crafted band helps to warm and compress the tummy to help relax the baby, ease out gas, facilitate digestion, and provide some colic relief. The prints are made from 100% organic water-based dyes. This is the perfect baby shower gift for new moms. The bands fit newborn babies up to one year old. Mamas (and Papas) will thank you!

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