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How to Swaddle Your Newborn

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How to Swaddle a Newborn Baby

Many new mothers (and fathers) have trouble swaddling their newborns. It can be hard at first, but with practice it definitely gets easier. A lot depends on the size and material of the swaddle blanket. Swaddles should be larger than 40x40 inches to get complete coverage. Swaddles that are made of rayon or spandex are great because they have a lot of stretch and can give a cocoon-like feel for the baby. Cotton, especially organic cotton, bamboo and muslin swaddles are great too, but often lack the stretchiness of other fabrics. Also, depending on the season, you may choose different fabrics.

Usually newborns like to be wrapped tight emulating the feeling of being in the womb. But my advice for swaddling is to take cues from baby. If you find baby likes and relaxes with a tighter swaddle, a stretchier fabric may work best. If your baby likes more movement, a looser, less stretchy fabric will accommodate that movement.

There are also swaddle blankets that incorporate arms and velcro fastening, but that's another subject for another day. 

Below is an excellent instructional video on how to swaddle a newborn.



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