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Why You Should Start Reading To Your Baby

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Why You Should Start Reading To Your Baby

Do you think reading books to babies is a bit early for them? Do you feel that it will just consume your time since they will not comprehend the stories you tell? Well, it is the opposite—a study in 2013 says that babies who were read and talked to had improved language skills and cognitive development. In a 2018 study, children's reading interaction resulted in higher IQ and language scores. This blog will elaborate on the benefits of reading to your baby.

1. Improves social and emotional development

Your baby can hear your feelings and expressive sounds when you read to them. They will be able to recognize the tone of your voice when the story gets sad, happy, mad, or excited. Even though they cannot talk in complete sentences yet, they can pick up those emotions and use them to communicate with you. Babies can be sensitive to a sudden shift in the tone of voice, and they may stare at your facial expressions and study them. As they grow older, they will mimic those different sounds and emotions.

Baby book

2. Improves sensory play and thinking skills

You may be wondering how your baby can improve sensory skills through reading. Baby books are usually full of colors, and it is an excellent way to introduce colors to them. There are also cloth books for babies with shapes, textures, etc. Babies can learn how to identify those things at an early age—for instance, learning the word "soft" can be associated with a texture that feels like it. There are also books with sounds that your child can enjoy, like animal books that produce animal sounds. Your child can be familiarized with colors, animals, textures, and a whole lot more through reading.

Reading to them can also help in the progress of cognitive development, and it can contribute to how they think, solve problems, make decisions and perceive the world in the long run. Reading aloud helps your child understand what they hear, see, and feel.

3. Develop Language Skills

Your baby can learn words by listening to you. You may be asking, "Can I just talk to my baby to make this work?" Yes, you can talk, sure, but reading books to your little one can expand their vocabulary and be familiar with the sound of different words. Parents who read more to their babies more often can help them learn more words by age two. These babies can also read two to three-letter terms at an early age.

You can read the same book to your baby, or you can let them choose. Picking their favorite books, allowing them to turn the page, or reading their favorite parts, again and again, can help retain words in their brain and eventually learn how to speak them.

4. Listening Ability

Good listeners become good communicators; that is why we want our kids to develop their listening skills at an early age. Listening is different from hearing. Listening means your child understood the words you said and could relate to them somehow. Constantly reading to your little one can help develop their listening and comprehension skills. Use colorful picture books and change the tone of your voice as you talk about the picture.

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5. Bonding

Reading with your baby forms solid bonds and secure attachments. These bonds help build trust between the parent and the child. Spend an hour reading with your baby before going to bed. Try to read in an interactive style. Ask questions about the story. Your baby may coo or not respond with a complete answer, but at least an interaction is built. As your baby grows, he will eventually learn to respond and have conversations with you during storytime.

6. Learn Routines

Adding storytime to your baby's daily routine can help them get used to reading books with you, and reading can help them calm down, relax and connect with you before bedtime. By doing this routinely, they will eventually learn the practice, and as they grow, they can choose a book, turn the pages, and read on their own.


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