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106 Baby Registry Items You Can Add To Your List

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106 items to put in Baby Registry

What is a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a party where you celebrate an upcoming birth of a new baby. It is also an occasion where friends and families, help the parents gather stuff for their babies as baby gear/items can get quite costly. you may have an impending question, "What should I ask for a baby gift?" Can I ask for expensive quality items? or, is it too much? This is what we're going to find out!

To give you a little bit of history about baby showers, they started in America in the late 40s and 50s. It was the baby boomers era; this occasion helped provide the mothers with suitable functional home goods. As the tradition continues, the modern version of baby showers includes games and welcomes male friends, not like before, when it was an all-female event.

What is a Baby Registry?

Having a baby registry will make things easier for new parents in terms of buying what their baby needs. Coming up with a list, you can help your loved ones know the things you need, avoid duplication, and they will feel glad to give you the items that you asked for. Having a list can also let you know the items you still need to buy for your little one.

Can you ask for an expensive quality item? or is it unnecessary? Based on the Baby shower etiquette, you can ask your family or close friends to buy the costly stuff. If you are comfortable asking friends about it, then let it be. You can also assign 2 or more friends to a specific baby shower gift if the item's cost is expensive.


Baby Nursery

What should I put on my Baby Registry?

We have created a list to help you save time and decide which essential baby products should you add to your baby registry. Since there are a lot of brands to choose from, we suggest doing your research about the features, advantages of each product, how it helps you as a parent, and how it will suit your baby's needs. We recommend to choose items that are organic, chemical-free, fragrance-free, and most importantly, JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certified.

For the Nursery:

Crib mattress
Cot/Crib accessories, beddings, etc.
Changing table
Changing Pad
Changing Mat
Night Lamp
Storage Baskets
Rocking chair
Comfy chair (for breastfeeding, reading books, etc.)
Baby monitor
Sound machine (for white noise)
Nursery Decor
Bins for storage

Baby Clothing:

Baby hats
Sun hat
Winter baby hat
Baby socks
2 jackets or cardigans (for winter)
Burp towels
Swaddle blanket
Wearable sleep sack
Baby towel
Baby Belly Band (for gas & colic)

For Feeding:

Baby bottles
Silicon Bibs
Bottle warmer
Bottle Sterilizer
Dry formula dispenser
Bottle & Nipple brush
Breastmilk storage containers
Baby food blender/ maker
Baby utensils
Baby-friendly plates (with suction at the bottom can be helpful)
Sippy cups
Small bowls
Dishwasher basket for small baby items
Bottle drying rack

Baby gears:

Baby carrier
Baby stroller
Baby sling
Car seat
Baby high chair
Nursing pillow
Baby swing
Baby bouncer
Portable changing station

For hygiene:

Baby body soap
Baby shampoo
Baby oil
Baby sunscreen
Baby lotion
Baby powder
Cloth Diapers (if you're into using cloth diapers)
Disposable Diapers
Baby wipes
Cotton Balls or swabs
Diaper rash cream
Diaper bag
Diaper pail
Baby nail clippers
Baby toothbrush and toothpaste
Baby hairbrush
Bath toys
Baby tub
Baby bath seat
Bulb syringe/suction bulbs

For safety:

Baby thermometer
Baby first aid kit
Baby gate
Furniture Anchor
Cabinet/Drawer Latches
Outlet covers
Fireplace bumper
Corner guards
Toilet lock

For mom:

Nursing pads
Nursing bra
Nursing cover
Breast pump
Nipple cream

Other baby items:

Baby books
Baby Toys
Stuffed animals
Photo frames
Baby albums
Personalized baby items

These are the only basic items that you and your baby can use. In this modern-age, there are a lot of baby products out there that can bring convenience to parents. You can search for other trending baby items that can help you efficiently take care of your little one and help make your parenting more easier.


Personalized Baby Belly Band

 Baby Belly Bands for Gas & Colic

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