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Why Do Kids Need To Learn Black History Month?

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Black History Month

This February, we are celebrating Black History Month. Black history is about the achievements made by the African-Americans that persevered in the most challenging times of our society. There are important life lessons that kids can learn from our black heroes, and gaining wisdom from their experiences can prevent past mistakes. Teaching Black History will enable our kids to grow as better citizens, shaping them to be excellent leaders of tomorrow. 


Kids Diversity

Learn equality

Unfortunately, discrimination and racism still exist in modern times, and it is happening someplace every day. According to the statistics researched by Harvard Public Health, 57% of black Americans have reported discrimination in their workplace, mostly about pay and consideration for promotions. Discrimination happens if a particular person or group is experiencing unjust treatment because of their race, religion, nationality, sex, or ethnicity.

We can teach our kids to appreciate people's differences and make them aware of this while young. Being aware that different people exist makes them understand, appreciate and respect others. It can help them build compassion and empathy and do what is right if they sense inequality.



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Learn about their achievements

The Black History achievements helped the United States prosper, and the journey they had to succeed was not easy. Despite being oppressed in the past, our fellow African Americans had exerted their best efforts to be recognized in sports, fashion, food, literature, and politics. They have influenced America for so many years, and they will always be part of history.

Kids can learn about their accomplishments through history class, reading books, and visiting African American cultural museums. They may be fascinated by particular inventions our black heroes made or movements organized to help our world become a better place.



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Learn Perseverance

Life is challenging, and we will always encounter obstacles. Teaching kids to face hardships like what our African American brothers did is crucial to their lives. Today's youth can learn from the Black history about perseverance. Their stories will teach them not to give up, and the combination of love, hard work, and determination can lead to success.



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Being courageous

It is natural for kids to be fearful; this is their usual response to unfamiliar things or situation. Eventually, fear can go away once your child gets familiar with a specific situation or they understand that it is okay to commit mistakes.

Black Month History can teach our kids about bravery and being courageous. One example of this is Ruby Bridges. She was admired when she became the first African American student to integrate an elementary school in the South in the 1960s. She was commended for her bravery on attending an all white school where she experienced discrimination. But this did not stop her on being present at school everyday. She is now a lifelong activist for racial equality and was made an honorary deputy marshal in a ceremony in Washington in the year 2000.

Kids can learn from Ruby's experience as well as other stories similar to it. Being courageous is about doing what is right and this black history month, we hope that the youth will be inspired by the bravery and hardwork of our African-American heroes.


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