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Top 20 Items A New Mom Needs

7 min read

Top 20 Items A New Mom Needs

Most new moms have no idea about the things they need to prepare before their bundle of joy arrives. We are glad to share the top 20 must-haves that are essential to you and your little one.



Baby Bib

1. Bibs

This is one of the essential items new moms need. Bibs are handy since babies drool and spit a lot. There are various bibs available in the market, and each one has its purpose. There are bibs made of organic cotton, durable, and bring comfort. Look for high-quality made of cotton bamboo fibers that feel super soft and gentle for your baby's sensitive skin. Some bibs are made for feeding, wherein the bib has a bottom pocket to catch falling food. Smock bibs, disposable bibs, bandana bibs are also helpful. Any bib you gift a new mom can help a lot; after all, they serve one purpose, to protect the baby and clothes from getting soiled.

2. Burp cloths

Some may be asking, are burp cloths necessary? As we all know, burping is part of a baby's feeding, and it can get messy when your baby spits. Burp cloths are essential as it keeps you and your baby clean. You can drape them on your shoulder or arms whenever you feed the baby. They are like little cleaning rugs that are comfy, soft, and absorb well.


Breast pump
3. Breast pump

Breast pumps are beneficial for new moms as it helps increase or maintain their milk supply, relieves engorged breasts and clogged milk ducts, and even help pull inverted nipples so babies can latch properly. There are double pumps and single ones, battery-powered, manual, or electric.

4. Breastmilk storage containers

For breastfeeding moms, milk storage containers are a great help. It helps to protect and store their precious milk. Mill containers can be glass or plastic, can be disposable or not. Keeping milk the right way is vital to maintaining its nutrients and freshness. These containers are specially made for breastfeeding milk, so you can use a stash anytime your baby needs it, making it convenient.

5. Nursing bras

These bras are specially made for lactating moms, and it provides support and comfort. It even includes flaps that can open so that the baby can easily access and feed. Experts advise that buying one before giving birth should be one cup size bigger for expecting moms. There are many types of nursing bras; it is available in seamless, soft cups, underwire, and others.

6. Breast pads

These pads are helpful for breastfeeding moms; they can help absorb any leaks and protect their clothing from stains. Moms can use this when they go out without their babies or when they get back to work. Moms can choose from washable, disposable, or silicon pads.


Nursing Pillow

7. Nursing pillow

Nursing pillows are helpful as they are specifically made to support your little one and keep them at breast level. Many nursing pillows are available in different styles, shapes, and designs. Before buying, consider the fit, shape, material, and storage.


8. Bottle and nipple brush

For moms who formula feed, a bottle and nipple brush are very much needed. You can choose from a variety of these cleaning tool in baby stores. It usually has soft bristles with a sponge to clean baby bottles effectively. Some of the top baby brushes are from Munchkin, Moomoo, Philips, Oxo tot, and Nuk.


9. Reusable diapers

Reusable diapers are the answer for moms who want to save the environment and stick with the budget! It is safe for babies as the inserts are cotton or bamboo fibers. Since it is soft and cloth-like, they are comfy to wear. Babies will less likely have diaper rashes and skin irritations. Although it may take an effort to wash them every day, it can save you money and has less impact on mother nature.


Changing Pads

10. Changing Pad

Keep your baby comfortable by using a changing pad for every diaper change. A Changing pad can be an alternative to a changing table, it saves space and can be used in any place you prefer inside your home. There are different kinds of changing pads that you can avail of, it depends on how you are going to use them. There are portable changing bags that you can bring along whenever you and your baby travel. There are also disposable ones that you can use when you go outdoors, in malls, or in parks.

11. Disposable wipes

Baby wipes are a must-have for cleaning your little one. Choose the wipes that are specially made for your baby's gentle skin. It should be chemical and fragrance-free, hypoallergenic as some wipes can cause an allergic reaction to sensitive skin. Consider the wipes that have the best price, their thickness, the wipe count, and their environmental impact.

12. Disposable diapers

Diapers keep your baby dry, clean, and comfy. Check for trusted brands that are good for their absorbency, softness, and breathability, and have useful features. Features like a wetness indicator, diaper tape, or easy pants slip-on. Of course, consider the right fit for your little one. We want to avoid unwanted leakage so make sure to choose the right size.

13. Swaddle blankets

Most new moms may not know about the importance of swaddling. Swaddling your baby protects them from their natural startle (moro) reflex. It can also help comfort a colicky baby. Swaddle blankets can imitate your warmth and touch which can help them to self-soothe. There are different designs of swaddles that you can buy, considering the fabric and its features. The fabric should be appropriate (soft) for your baby's gentle skin. The swaddle should be snug on the arms and should not restrict the movement from the hips below. Here's a blog that may help you on "How to swaddle a newborn?"

Here is MEMEENO's extra-large 48"x 48" Swaddle blanket that has a little loop for multi-usage. Made of the finest blend of materials making it is luxuriously soft, stretchy, and lightweight. It is available in different trendy prints.

MEMEENO Swaddle Blanket


14. Baby Tub

Your baby will need good support and feel comfy during bath time. This is what bathtubs are for. The need for a bathtub depends on your home setup. If the space is small, the sink can be your go-to. You can opt-in for bath foams or polyester that can fit the sink. If you have a space for a bathtub, there are the standards ones, convertible, foldable, inflatable, and even luxury ones. Before choosing a bathtub, consider its size, how to clean and store it, and its features.

15. Washcloths

Washcloths are commonly used during bath time, but they have a wide array of uses. You can use it as a wipe for mealtime, spit-up and diaper changes scenarios. There are washcloths made in muslin, bamboo fibers, and cotton. Choose soft, thick, absorbent quality washcloths that can be used for a long time.


16. Hooded towel

Baby hooded towels are specifically designed for babies since their skin is thinner not until they reach 24 months. The hood keeps the baby's head warm after baths. You can choose a hooded towel that is light, soft, and gentle to your baby's delicate skin. It can be a terry cloth cotton that is absorbent, breathable, and soft. You may need 2 to 4 hooded towels for your little one.


Baby Soap
17. Baby soap

The rule on choosing a baby soap is to look at the ingredients. Watch out for propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol, parabens, or other chemicals that may affect your little one's delicate skin. Avoid bubble baths and scented ones. Choose a gentle moisturizing soap, that is also hypoallergenic. Go for organic and all-natural. Check for safe ingredients like glycerin, coconut oil, cocoa or shea butter, olive oil, sweet almond oil, chamomile flowers, jojoba seed oil, colloidal oatmeal, rosemary oil extracts, honey, and water.

18. Hairbrush soft bristles

We want to choose what is best for our babies. In choosing a hairbrush, both massage and soft bristles can work for our little one. Although massage bristles are not suitable for long hair. Soft bristles should be extremely soft and gentle to your baby's scalp. Most of the baby brushes are made with synthetic fibers or have natural animal hair. Either way, feel the brushes before buying.

19. Baby clothing

The most important of all is the baby's clothing. There are a lot of designs, colors, and styles that we are excited for our little one to wear. Go for cotton as it will keep your baby cooler in hot weather. Choose clothes that are soft, easy to wear. Those with straps, zippers or can be fastened are the ideal ones for a newborn. Expect that you will change your baby's clothes a lot so better to buy about half a dozen of singlets, jumpsuits, around three tops, maybe 2 cardigan jackets, pair of cotton hats, and a few pairs of socks. You do not need to stock up with dozens of baby clothes as babies grow fast.


Baby Crib

20. Baby Crib

Cribs are a must-have for babies. It is the perfect safe place for newborns to sleep. There are different types of cribs a new mom can choose from depending on the usage. There is the standard crib, the bassinet, convertible, travel, and mini cribs. Always consider your baby's safety. Check the crib's quality, it should be sturdy, long-lasting, and approved by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Make sure that the crib is assembled correctly. Experts say "Bare is best!" This means, only mattresses should be in the crib, not toys, pillows, blankets that can be a safety hazard. Always follow crib safety protocols.


A Natural Way To Relieve Gas & Colic

The hand-crafted band helps to warm and compress the tummy to help relax the baby, ease out gas, facilitate digestion, and provide some colic relief. The prints are made from 100% organic water-based dyes. This is the perfect baby shower gift for new moms. The bands fit newborn babies up to one year old. Mamas (and Papas) will thank you! 

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