How to Promote Healthy Development in Young Children

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How to Promote Healthy Development in Young Children


When you’re a new parent, you begin to realize there’s a fine line of boundaries someplace between “my child wants to have adventures in the world,” and “Oh my Goodness, how do I keep you safe?” You want, though, for them to be able to have healthy boundaries and healthy development! Pandemic made every parent a bit more neurotic as well! How do you promote that healthy development in your children, while also keeping them safe?


Let Them Experience New Things

Every experience is new for your kid, from the first time they see a bus, to the first time they taste a mango. Your child’s taste buds, taste in music, and taste in textures for clothes or other things might not be the same as your own, and that’s ok. Set a good example by talking things through when you try new things as well. According toGalileo, there are many strategies for introducing the world to your child and you can help them safely explore what it has to offer. 


Don’t Let Behaviors Drag On

But, along with trying new things, you have to also abandon negative behaviors that will hurt your child later on. For example, pacifiers and bottles can be detrimental to the teeth of growing children! Babies should stop using a pacifier after about a year, according toMaccaro Pediatric Dentistry. However, previous generations used to also think that taking comfort items, like blankets or stuffed animals, was important, and this is disproven. Keep snuggling that blankie if it helps your kiddo sleep!


Teach Healthy Boundaries

One of the greatest ways to teach children how to try new things, strangely, is to teach them the power of having healthy boundaries and to respect them when they say no. Having firm but kind boundaries with such thingswhich can cause physical problems is good. Children must be obedient to so many things. Make sure they know that if they taste papaya or try an after school class and it’s not for them,they have options and you respect their saying no.

It’s an exciting thing as a parent to be able to teach and influence a kid for good, and teach them to practice trying new things. Set that example by trying something new, yourself!  When they see that you don’t have to do a new class perfectly at first, it empowers you both! Heal your boundaries together for healthy families

Check out this article on fun activities that will help your kids get out of the house!


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