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Parents’ Guide: Choosing Nursery Colors

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Nursery Room Blue

While parents are so excited to see their little bundle of joy, they are also thrilled to design their baby's nursery. They mostly think about what furniture or toys to put in the baby's room or what color will suit well. According to experts, visual stimulation is important for the baby's growth and development. It helps the retina, optic nerves, and the visual part of the brain thrive. The parents should choose the best colors to help develop their child's brain. But how does it work, and what colors are good for your baby?

Medical experts say that a newborn's retina is not fully developed, and their brain cells are not well connected, not until a few weeks. In the early stages of life, a baby can only see a large contrast of light and dark colors. While your baby's senses are developing, the brain cells receive inputs from those different senses that help the nerves expand and develop. So the more you provide visual input, the more the retina, matures and optic nerves progress. Let's check out the best colors suitable for your developing baby!



White is associated with purity, cleanliness, and innocence. It is one of the best colors suitable for your newborn as they can only visualize light and dark contrasts at the early stages of life. You can also go with this color if you are not sure of your baby's gender yet. This may be a clean and minimalist color, but it may not be enough to stimulate your baby's visual senses. You can add a combination of dark shades like black, blue, red, or green. Our goal is for your baby's sight to progress and not to slow it down.



Black is a powerful color. It often symbolizes authority, attractiveness, and elegance. While your baby is attracted to this dark shade, it is best to use it in combination with lighter hues. It should be used as an accent color and not on the entire room. Balance your light and dark shades.

Nursery room with a shade of black



Another intense dark shade is red. It symbolizes excitement, emotion, and it definitely attracts attention. Your baby can get very much attracted to it but, it should only be used in moderation as the color may overstimulate your baby or may cause aggression. You may use the said color in curtains, on a bedsheet, or other accessories. It works well with white and other themes like nautical, circus/ carnival, or floral.



Blue is an all-time favorite color. It symbolizes calmness, healing, and serenity. It is cool in the eye and often paired with white or gray. Since blue is associated with peace and tranquility, it will help soothe your baby to sleep. It is said that lighter blue shades are ideal for babies as it aids to induce them to sleep.

Blue Nursery Room



Another head-turner yellow symbolizes fun, warmth, and energy. Use it in moderation as your baby can be hyperactive or overstimulated by this color. It can make the room sunny, bright, and happy. It is a good unisex color if you are unsure yet of your baby's gender. Since this color can influence your baby to be more energetic, you can tone down this color by pairing it with white, gray, or other shades.



Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes freshness, stability, and calmness. A color that can fit a boy or a girl. Green also helps stimulate your baby's visual and cognitive development. This shade can also help soothe your baby as it radiates calmness.

Green nursery room



The color pink symbolizes feminism, softness, and calmness. It is mostly used in girl's rooms. You can use it on walls as it is not that intense. It is paired with white, brown, black, green, or gold. Its softness and calmness are truly fit for a princess!

Nursery Room with a shade of pink



The purple shade signifies mystery, luxury and often associated with royalty. Vibrant purple can seem to be unnatural and energetic, but softer tones like lavender and lilac give a calming feel. Like blue, purple looks cool in the eyes and can help soothe your little one. In choosing a shade of purple, it is best to choose two shades lighter for that tranquil ambiance.



Orange makes you cozy. It brings warmth and comfort. Your baby may feel friendly or welcoming with the orange vibe. It is great for cold countries as the color brings a sunshiny ambiance.


Start Designing!

Black and white may be the first colors your newborn can see, but as soon as they develop their visual senses, they will surely be able to notice different colors. These colors affect their mood and how they feel, so it is best to choose the color wisely. It is also recommended to use stripes patterns that have shades of light and dark. These are what babies are most attracted to. Although the suggested colors above are good for your baby's visual sensory, their development's progress still depends on your baby. Whatever the color or designs you use, we are sure everything will look perfect once your little one arrives!

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