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10 Best Summer Activities For Kids

6 min read

Kids swimming with floaters in the pool

 Kids get excited about summer. This is the time where they're free from homework, projects, and from getting up early. It's the perfect season to have fun, do their favorite hobbies, and explore new things. But at times, this is always not the case. Kids sometimes tend to get bored at home. We, as parents, would like their summer to be memorable and magical. So, let's plan some activities to create some memories and hey, a little diversion from screens isn't a bad thing either. 

Last year, as per statista.com, 88% of parents in the U.S. chose not to send their kids to summer camp due to Covid-19 as the major factor. Will it be different this year? If you still want your kids to stay close to home, we have listed some awesome fun summer activities you and your kids can do.


Visit Parks

As per CDC, you can visit parks or recreational centers close to your home. It is safer this way rather than traveling far, as you may encounter people at different stops. As part of minimum health standards, we must avoid crowded places, be 6 feet away from people who are not in our household, wear masks and do proper handwashing. Visiting parks is a good place for a picnic, jogging, biking, and do exercise. It also relieves stress, improves mood and psychological well-being.

Family in a park



Build a Treehouse

If you have a yard or an excess space, it would be a perfect time to build a treehouse. Maybe you can ask dad to build a treehouse for the kids and let them help. Building together promotes teamwork and enhances their problem-solving skills. It is also a way of being physically active since it requires a lot of work. Having their own treehouse is like a second home plus, it is a way for them to be closer to nature since it is outdoors. It will be a cool place for them to hang out, read books, play with toys, and a lot more.

Father and son building a treehouse




Although some camping grounds will reopen this year, you can still turn your backyard into a personal campsite without packing your bags or traveling far. You will need a tent, or you can build a cute teepee for the kids. You can place chairs around a camping stove and make your favorite s'mores. Bug zappers are needed if bugs are an issue in your yard. Camping out with your kids can take their attention away from gadgets. You can connect with family members or bond over some camp stories or games. Your family can relax under the stars, breathe fresh air, and be closer to nature.

Father and child in a teepee



Set Up a Pool

Can't bring your kids to the waterpark this summer? We have a solution for you! Why not set up an inflatable pool in your backyard? Inflatable pools can cost around $50 and up in Amazon, depending on their size, shape, and brand. The good thing about this is, you can easily set it up then, voila! Your kids can cool off and have fun under the sun in just a snap. You can effortlessly clean it after, store it, then reuse it anytime.  As per CDC, to keep your kids healthy and be safe from germs, they advise cleaning the pool and replace it with new water daily. Keep an eye on your kids when they're in the pool at all times.

Kids in an inflatable pool



Play Sports

We want our kids to get physically active as they can nowadays, and one way to do that is by playing a sport. It can be simple as playing catch, and it doesn't need to be serious or intense. What matters is to learn the basics and have fun. Ask them a sport they want to try or teach them a sport you know. Instruct them about safety and provide the necessary equipment. Who knows, maybe they'll love it and eventually pursue it. You can read our blog on How To Get Your Kids Learn & Love Sports.

Kid kicks a ball 



Make Desserts

Kids love to experiment and mix stuff. Why not let them try and make a dessert? It can be as easy as making pancakes or baking cookies. This is a home-bonding activity that doesn't require long trips or going outdoors. Teach them how to crack eggs, create a mixture of cream and milk and even decorate desserts. It can be more fun if you teach them how to mold desserts into cute animals and shapes. Kids will learn how to follow instructions, participate in decision-making like what toppings to use or to add chocolates or not. They can even learn how to measure ingredients by using a measuring spoon or cups. Teach them about safety and keep an eye on them when they're in the kitchen.

Mom and daughter eating cake



Water Play with Sprinklers

If setting up an inflatable pool is out of the question, your kids can still cool off the warm summer by playing with water sprinklers. Kids love water and it could be so much fun running around with sprinklers on. There are super cool sprinklers for kids that you can purchase through Amazon for as low as $14 and up. Or you can DIY using PVC pipes, plastic water bottles, or even using pool noodles. It is cost-effective, easy to use, and much safer than pools. Watch your kids at all times when playing outside. If you are concerned about conserving water, you can set a time for this activity. If it helps, it is suggested to water the lawn 2 to 3 times a week.

A girl playing in a water sprinkler



 Train a Pet

If you have pets at home, this could be a perfect time to train them with the help of your kids. Since kids have a lot of free time this summer, you can teach them the basics of how they can train your dog. Family members should be in sync and consistent in training their animals. That is how your pets can grasp what you are teaching them. If your kids don't know how to care for their pets, it is also the best time for them to learn about responsibility. Teach them about feeding, bathing, walking, and playing with your pets. Influence them that we should treat pets as family, and it is important to love and care for them.

Thinking about Getting a Pet?

If you have no pets yet and thinking about having one, consider first if your kid is ready. Check if your kid is fond of or comfortable around animals. Having a pet is a great responsibility, and it is important to ponder if you and your family have extra time to take good care of it. If your child is young and you prefer pets that require minimal care, you can choose from a guinea pig, a hamster, a turtle, a fish, or a bird. For an older child, that is responsible enough, choose a dog or a cat. Keep in mind the breed, and characteristics, before choosing. Always prioritize your child's safety.

A girl reading with a black dog



Gardening Together

You can start a garden together with your kids. It is another way for them to get involved in nature and have a break from today's technology. Family gardens are beneficial. It can make your kids do easy-to-moderate physical activities, improves their mood, eating habits, and of course, having quality family time. Know first what kind of plants will grow best in your location. Then, start by planting in containers. If you do not know much about gardening, a little research and asking the experts can always help. In time, you and your kids can grow your own vegetables and fruits. Seeing the outcome of their gardening can inspire them to do more things and make them feel that their efforts are all worth it.

 Grandma and granddaughter gardening



Let Kids Express Themselves

Self-expression is crucial for one's happiness and energy. Teaching our kids about self-expression can help them build their confidence, self-worth, creativity, and independence. We want them to learn to be themselves and be comfortable with who they are. They can express their feelings through artworks, music, dance, and crafts, which you can add to your summer's list of activities. Let them be independent and make their own choices. Let them decide on what to wear, what sports they like, or what new interests they want to start and explore. Let us not direct them of who we want them to be but instead support and guide them on who they really are.

Girl playing guitar



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