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Mother's Day: What Mom Really Wants

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Mother's Day: What Mom Really Wants


Mother's Day is almost here. I know most of you are googling and thinking about what gift you should give your mom. As per National Retail Federation or nrf.com, 83% are planning to celebrate Mother's Day in the U.S. this year, and the top 3 gift categories are 72% greeting cards, 49% special outings, and 68% flowers.

There's no doubt that we, mothers, wanted to feel special. Any gift our partner and kids will provide is perfect for us. It doesn't need to be luxurious or expensive. We'll appreciate anything big or small, knowing that it comes from the heart. But there are a few simple things that many moms really desire, and they are just priceless. Here's a list of what most moms want for Mother's Day.

A Day of Freedom

Mothers are so busy taking care of everything, from work to household chores to tending their family's needs, they rarely have time for themselves. Being able to do what they want is a luxury. A day of freedom means away from chores and do what their hearts desire. It could be having a peaceful breakfast in a restaurant by herself, shopping alone, pampering herself in a spa or a salon, and many more. Give mom a time-out. A day for herself would be so nice and treasured.

Quality Family Time

Moms often get exhausted because of everyday work, and sometimes they do not have enough time to play with the kids. Moms would love for the entire family to be together and spend time with one another. Organize some fun-filled family activities, or you can go someplace where the whole family can enjoy. The goal is to have fun and have a perfect family day for mom. 


Some Me Time

All moms deserve a "Me" Time. A day where she doesn't have to respond to kids asking where their socks are or if she can do this or do that. When was the last time mom had a haircut, got her nails done, or had a massage? Despite being busy, moms also want to relax and indulge. Let dad take over the household and give mom some time alone to pamper herself.

 Woman getting a haircut


Lots and Lots of Sleep

There is no better gift than sleep and relaxation. New moms only have 3 to 4 hours of sleep to tend to their newborn's needs. While other moms have 4 to 6 hours as they need to take the kids to school, go to work, and run some errands. The sacrifices that moms make to take care of their kids and the entire family is best rewarded by long uninterrupted sleep. This mom's day, let mom sleep as much as she wants! She really deserves a rest!

Woman sleeping


Practical Gifts

If you prefer to give us lush gifts, we would rather have something useful. Something practical and convenient that will make our lives easier. For instance, a dryer that can help mom in her laundry, an air fryer to fry foods easily, or an anti-colic baby belly band for a new mom that doesn't sleep well because of her colicky baby. Any gift that can help us will be very much appreciated.


Hobby Day

Mom maybe misses the things she does before she got married or before the kids were born. Let her go back and find nostalgia in doing her old hobbies. It can be reading her favorite book, painting in a quiet, serene place, dancing, singing, baking, planting, or even playing her favorite sport. She maybe misses herself being a couch potato watching all her favorite shows and movies. You may want to gift her classes relating to her hobby. Either way, let her be. After all, this is her day.

 Woman paints


Meals for Mom

It would be wonderful if someone has already prepared and cooked dinner for mom and all she has left to do is eat! Let her mind take a break from planning meals like what she does every single day. This is something unusual for her and something she will surely appreciate. Make sure to order or prepare her favorite food too!


Do Something New

Maybe mom wants to try something new like baking, starting a garden, hiking, or cycling. Support her on what she wants, or you can gift her the things she needs for a new hobby. She may have mentioned she wants to learn how to make bento meals for her kids. It is the perfect time to surprise her with cute bento tools. Mom will be grateful that you remember what she wants and that you support her all the way.


A Clean House

Do you want mom to feel happy, relaxed, and stressed-free? Surprise her with a clean house! Plan and delegate tasks to family members so you can present a tidy house right in time for Mother's Day. Mom will be amazed and may wonder what you guys ate for having the initiative of cleaning the house. LOL!


Greet Her

Do you know what can really make your mom's day? A greeting of "Happy Mother's Day" or "I love you, Mom," with a simple kiss on the cheek will make her heart grow fonder. Greeting cards or flowers is a plus, but there is certainly no need for lavish gifts. Her loving family greeting her on mother's day is priceless and will truly make her feel special. There's nothing more a mom could ask for!

Son kissed mom on her cheek

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