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Why Use A Belly Band?

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Baby Bellyband


It is common for babies to experience tummy issues like gas and colic in their first weeks of life. This is due to their immature digestive system, food intolerances, feeding dilemmas like infrequent burping, over or underfeeding. Most parents will try anything to relieve their babies' pains and symptoms. What moms do not know is, there's a non-invasive way to treat those tummy troubles. Belly banding is one of those ways. New moms may not have heard of it or may even think that is part of maternity belly support.


Belly banding or binding is not something new. It was introduced in the 19th century and has been used by different cultures like English, Latin, and more. It is said that it keeps the tummy warm and reduces the risk of colic. It also protects the umbilical stump from rubbing against the diaper, therefore, reduces infection and irritation. Although the band is recognized as effective, we cannot predict that it will work with every baby. All babies are unique and may respond differently. Some may take time to adjust wearing the belly band and some don't. We are glad to share the uses of the baby belly band and the benefit it can do for your baby.


Aids in Gas Pains. There are so many reasons for a gassy tummy. It can be due to too much crying, not enough burping, or over-feeding. Baby belly bands are adjustable and made to wrap around your baby's tummy to add a little pressure. This gentle pressure, in turn, helps your baby pass gas easily. 


Colic Relief. Colic is common during 6 weeks and naturally goes away in the 3rd month or so. It is when a baby cries for no reason for about 2 to 3 hours, which often happens at night. There are a lot of possible causes of colic. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, newborns are having trouble adjusting to their life outside the womb. They were unable to calm and soothe themselves yet, so they end up crying. A Baby Bellyband, however, can calm your little one by the gentle pressure it produces around the stomach. That mild compression makes them feel that they are still in their mother's womb.

baby lying wearing a belly band


Protects the Tummy. The gentle pressure from Bellybands also promotes easier digestion. A breathable belly band also protects the navel from dirt or bacteria from clothing or diapers, lessens the risk of germs and contamination.


Provides Hug and Warmth. Babies are used to their mother's warmth, especially in their life inside the womb. Bellybands can produce warmth, and some are self-heating like MEMEENO. No need to heat it on a microwave or charge it or anything. It is all-natural and the safest way for your little babe. It is like a warm, loving hug for your baby, even if you are away.


Safe and Secure. Bellybands are safe and recommended by health practitioners and sleep consultants. Just follow safe sleep practices and the correct way of how to wear a belly band. We recommend wearing it under a light, breathable pajama or a sleepsuit, to avoid overheating. Always place the band under the arms and over the belly. We do not advise wearing it over a swaddle or swaddle sack while sleeping at night, as it could pose a suffocation or strangulation hazard.

As for the bellyband's design, choose the one that is made of organic materials, even the print. There should be no harmful chemicals on it. Check out MEMEENO for the all-natural, organic, soft baby belly bands.


A Perfect Gift for Moms and Dads. Mom and dads will truly appreciate any gift especially if it will help the baby. There are sure lot of baby products and gears that you can buy, but a practical and cute bellyband can be so much useful. You will never know when the baby can get fussy, gassy, or even colicky. It will be a great help for the parents to soothe and comfort their babies. A happy well-slept baby means a happy well-rested mom and dad too!

Two babies wearing a belly band and a newborn hat.

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