MEMEENO Launches New Spa Line

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MEMEENO Launches New Spa Line

MEMEENO, a luxe baby essentials brand, has released a mini-spa line to help offer products that help to bring parents closer to their little ones. The luxury mini-line includes all-natural olive oil soap, organic bamboo washcloths, sisal soap pouch and touchless keychain door opener. 

"I'm so excited for this new release," says the founder, Alie Al-Jadda. "We've been working hard to add to our products that help parents soothe and comfort their babies, and these are the perfect ones for bath time."

The Spa line also has new, updated branding to highlight the company's commitment to helping parents care, comfort and connect with their babies and nurturing them into independent butterflies. The new gold logo represents the company's commitment to maintain a top-of-the-line, gold standard quality for all products and materials. It will soon be expressed throughout all the product lines.

MEMEENO offers luxury baby essentials that help parents to snuggle, soothe and love their little ones. The MEMEENO belly band, the company's signature product helps soothe fussy babies, who experience gas or colic. The MEMEENO belly band has won numerous awards and the belly band is recommended by doctors, nurses, doulas and sleep consultants. It has been featured in the by, BabyGaga, the CW, CBS and many others.

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