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Best Baby Gifts for the Holiday Season!

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Baby in Memeeno swaddle blanket

Holidays are fast approaching and what could be more exciting than doing some Christmas shopping! It’s the time of the year to shop and give presents to our loved ones. Choosing a gift can be tricky when it comes to little babies. You want a gift that is safe and at the same time, something that they can learn and have fun with. Parents want this to be extra special since it may be their little one’s first Christmas. So what are the things that you need to consider in choosing the best baby gifts?


0 to 3 Months

This stage can be a challenging time for parents. The first three months are more about sleeping, crying, and eating. It is also the stage where babies start to develop different milestones but of course, it differs from baby to baby. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), some of the developmental skills that you can expect a baby to have are, to raise their head and chest when lying on stomach, stretches legs out and kicks when lying on stomach or back, opens and shuts hands, starts to babble, turns head toward direction of the sound, and smiles at the sound of your voice.

For this stage, you can give them soft toys, to learn on grasping. Shakers or rattles will also help develop their hand-eye coordination. Choose a toy that is well made, doesn’t tear up easily as we want to ensure the baby’s safety. You can also give them a snuggly stuff toy to be their cuddly companion or a comforting swaddle blanket to keep them warm when they go to sleep. Babies are also attracted to colors, black, white, or red. You can buy them an eye-catching learning cube or a plush toy that has a variety of features that can help develop their visual, hearing, and fine motor skills. Check this out.


New Baby Box

by Bannor Toys

$47.99 USD

Bannor Toys has been handcrafting heirloom quality modern wood toys in the heart of Iowa since 2011. This gift box comes with their classic wooden rattle made with a natural beeswax/flaxseed oil finish and includes food grade silicone rings that is certified safe for babies. It also includes a 12 set of baby's first blocks with cloth bag, a personalized grasping toy of your choice (single word personalization), and a handwritten note to the new parents + babe. This gift box comes perfect and ready for the party, in a white box filled with crinkle paper and toys!



Clever Animals

by Hazel Village

$44.00 USD

Hazel Village makes organic, ethically-made toys and clothing. They have their "Build  your own gift" option where you can choose an animal doll and add some clothes to it. The best part is, you can add a monogram to it or pair it with their matching baby clothes. This is a surely unique and memorable gift for your baby! (Monogram, animal clothes and children's wear is priced separately.)



3 to 6 Months

Babies continue to grow at a rapid pace, they also tend to put everything inside their mouths. This is the stage where a teether can be useful. You may add it to your baby gift list to buy. Teether helps soothe and relieve their gums especially in times of a growing tooth. Babies on this stage can now also sit, so a play gym or an activity mat can increase their physical movement. Another gift of choice would be soft books for story time and nursery rhymes. Reading books to them helps in brain development, language, and communication and also promotes parent-child bonding. Sensory balls and stacking cups can also be beneficial, it helps improve their fine and gross motor skills as well as their spatial awareness. Musical toys are also good for our little ones, as music helps develops their perceptual and cognitive skills. We liked this teether below!


Modern Rainbow & Rays Teether©

by Pretty Please Teethers®

$14.99 USD 

This boho-inspired rainbow teether has a modern style while being functional. It has raised front and back texture for extra relief. It is freezer friendly for a cooling relief. Easy to clean. Made of 100% soft food-grade silicone beads and free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead, Latex, and Cadmium.


Forest Teether Stacker

by Chewable Charm

$26.00 USD

The Forest Teething Stacker is the ultimate multi-purpose toy. Teething + Play! Your baby will quickly discover how the stacking rings make the best soothing teethers! 

It is made of 100% food grade silicone so it is definitely safe for babies. Babies will love chewing on the silicone rings and grow into using their hand-eye coordination by stacking the rings.


 6 to 9 Months

At this stage, babies can now sit without support, crawl, and stand with support. But what are the appropriate toys for this age? An activity stage can be a good idea as 6 to 9-month old babies love to move more and engage with their surroundings. An activity stage is a safe place where they can move and check out the toys that come with it. It also helps in establishing their fine motor skills and can make them busy. Board books can also be a great gift as babies love to hear their parents talk and it would not tear up that easily. The shape sorter is one of the classic toys that can boost their problem-solving, fine, and gross motor skills. See this adventure for your little one!


Shape Sorter

by Smiling Tree Toys

$47.00 USD

This Shape Sorter is handmade with 100% solid hardwoods, has eight shape blocks (two each: circle, rectangle, triangle, square). It is finished with organic oil blend and safe for all ages. It arrives in a USA-made drawstring bag ideal for gifting, storage, and travel. The cool thing about this shape sorter is you can have it personalized! What's more cooler is, Smiling Tree Toy plants a tree for every toy sold.


PortaPlay Stage-Based Activity Center - Monsterland Adventures

by Oribel

$139.00 USD

The First and only Baby Activity Center with stage-based playtime for your baby! As your baby evolves and grows rapidly, so do the toys in PortaPlay ensuring their holistic development in the first year.


9 to 12 Months

Babies at this stage are energetic, loves to play, and very curious about the things around them. They can now stand momentarily without support, can now walk holding to furniture, can imitate sounds and they could now be calling you “dada” or “mama”. Since they are frisky at this stage, baby gates can be helpful for parents in keeping their babies safe. Same with Large Soft Blocks or Puzzle mats which protect them from unexpected falls. Push walkers are also useful since they can help them practice walking on their own. Pull toys may also seem old-school but they encourage movements, fine motor strengths, and body coordination. Ball Pit toys encourage play plus help them develop their motor skills by grasping balls, kicking, and throwing them. Pop-Up toys can help develop object permanence. Board books, texture books, and picture books can help them start to be familiar with words, colors, and shapes. We are loving on this playroom!


Up and Down

by Foamnasium

$109.00 USD

Foamnasium Creates Foam Playsets that Inspire Active and Imaginative Play. The Up and Down Playset is the essential starting set for active play. Whether it's a growing infant trying to crawl, or a rambunctious toddler bounding over an obstacle course, the Up and Down fits the need.


Classic Light Grey - Ball Pit

by Little Big Playroom

$165.00 USD

This is their large ball pit made for up to two kiddos! It has highest quality memory foam interior + soft plush washable cover exterior. (pit balls are sold separately)













Baby Gift For All Ages


by The Baby Bird Boutique

$35.00 USD

The Baby Bird Boutique by Dorie Kirk takes extreme pride in her precision to detail and comfort for all babies and young children. She has perfected the average romper and dress to not only be comfortable and easy for changes, but to also be practical and grow with your child as much as possible. 



We at MEMEENO offer belly bands, swaddloops, top knot hats, and bloomers, which can be perfect gifts for your little ones! You can also purchase it in beautifully packaged bundles and save 10% for a complete stylish set! Our Belly Band is made of 100% organic cotton to ensure your little one’s optimal belly warmth and comfort. It helps compress the tummy to help your baby relax, ease out gas, facilitate digestion, and relieve colic symptoms! Grab one for your little ones now before the holiday rush!


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