How to Know Your Baby's Belly Better

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How to Know Your Baby's Belly Better

Do you want to know if your baby is having tummy trouble? It helps to first know how your baby's belly is working and growing!  

Making the Change from Womb to World

When babies are born, their digestive system must adjust to the change from receiving nutrients from the placenta to receiving them from breast milk or formula. This adjustment takes time and is often a cause of stress for new parents because it may come with some crying and tears. Briefly after birth, a newborn will often loose weight as the body adjusts to the new way of life outside the womb.

Underdeveloped Digestion.

Babies digestive systems are far from developed when they are born. At birth, the pancreas is not fully developed. This means that babies produce few digestive enzymes making digestion harder, and sometimes even painful. Also, the esophageal valve, which allows food entry into the stomach is still underdeveloped which may cause the baby to spit up. Sure, babies can digest carbohydrates, fat, proteins and fats in mother's milk. But it's the enzymes in mother's milk or formula that makes such digestion easier until the system is fully developed to accept other solid foods around 6 or 7 months. 

The Low down on Bacteria.

There's good bacteria and then there's bad bacteria. Babies intestinal tracts are immature, making it vulnerable to bad bacteria and infection. Mother's milk, however, takes care of this problem by providing the good bacteria and antibodies the baby needs to fight off infectious pathogens. That's why doctors will always say milk is best. They will often warn against giving babies water, or juice or any other solid or liquid before 6 months.

How Can A Belly Band or Belt Help?

Belly Bands provide added warmth on the belly, protecting it from cold air and outside elements. Remember, babies skin is super soft, thin and delicate. Also, the pressure from the band helps to move down any gas bubbles that may have formed from breathing in air while feeding--thus providing some added relief and comfort. 




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