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Do you want to prevent your baby's skin from becoming red, dry and flakey? These 5 tips will help keep your little one's skin healthy, soft and glowing.

1. Don't bathe everyday, but change diapers often - the more water and soap that gets on your baby's skin, the more chance of it losing its natural oils and becoming dry and itchy. So limit full-on baths but don't limit cleaning your babe's tushy with some soap and water during diaper changes. Also, change their diapers often so their tushies stay dry. Let the bottom air out with some diaper-free time. This will help to avoid diaper rashes. Using water and mild organic soap may be better than using wipes while at home, which may be harsh on the skin. But, man, those wipes are convenient, aren't they?

2. Massage with natural oils - In many cultures, olive oil is the way to go with baby skin. In others, it's coconut oil. Try to use natural, organic oils.  You can also use shea butter. But, there are also specialized baby oils and creams on the market that work too. Don't oil all the time. Once or twice a week is good since too much oil could clog pores. Massages help to connect with baby and when you gently rub the tummy area, it can help with digestion and gas. 

3. Dress baby in cotton - Avoiding synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers can irritate the skin. Cotton allows the skin to breath. It's even better to dress her in organic cotton, when you can.

4. Gently wipe baby's face after a feeding - Try to keep baby's face dry and free from wetness for long periods of time. The wetness can build bacteria and fungus. Be sure to wipe baby's neck and behind the ears regularly.

5. Keep baby's face and head protected during the winter - Be sure your little one's face is protected from cold winds, which could be really rough on tender, soft skin. Whether in a stroller, car seat or carrier, try to keep baby's face and hands protected from the wind.

If your infant has red spots, acne, discharge or flaking, then consult a doctor about any of these symptoms.




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