How to Get Your Baby to Feel Comfortable in the Water

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How to Get Your Baby to Feel Comfortable in the Water

One of the main challenges you face as a parent is helping your child to be comfortable and safe in the water. You want to help build a child’s confidence in the water, but also to ensure that you are watching carefully so you can catch potential problems. If you can help your baby to be more comfortable in water, it will make your life easier and their life safer in the long run.

Start with Baths 

The first step should always be to get your child comfortable with taking a bath. This is a good starting point because it is a controlled way to expose your baby to water on a regular basis. Starting with baths can also give you an easy place to deal with their fears, worries, and discomfort.Make bath time a fun time and also a time for learning so that you and your baby can get more familiar with what they like and struggle with when it comes to the water they are in. The more you know, the easier it will be to help them in the future.

Take Them Swimming 

You also want to get your baby into a swimming pool early so they can learn about swimming and get comfortable with deeper water and being splashed. You can help your childbuild confidence by exposing them to swimming early. You don’t have to spend hours in the pool every time. Instead, just make it a point to help your child get into a pool on a fairly regular basis so they can gain skills and confidence in the water.

Get Them into Swimming Lessons 

Youcan also start your child in swimming lessons very early in life. The earliest classes can teach even small babies how to turn onto their backs and float, which is a huge benefit to any parent. As they master skills in the water, they will gain more confidence and become sure that they can handle safely moving through the water, which will give you peace of mind as well as their parents.


Teaching your child to be confident, comfortable, and safe in the water is an important part of parenthood. It starts with small things like making bath time fun and can progress to swimming and swim lessons. All of these elements will help your child to be happier and safe when they are in or near water.

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