Things You May Not Have Known About Your Newborn That Could Take You by Surprise

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Things You May Not Have Known About Your Newborn That Could Take You by Surprise

Bringing life into this world is an amazing experience. You and the baby go through so many different changes together. There may be some surprises along the way, especially when you have your newborn.

The Impact of Mom’s Hormones

Somehormones can pass from the mother through the placenta and into the baby’s bloodstream. Excess estrogen is one of these hormones. This can cause one condition called breast swelling in both boys and girls. This is not a concern and will go away within a couple of weeks as the hormones leave the baby’s body. Fluid can also leak from the nipples, called witch’s milk, which will also go away after a couple of weeks. Other conditions can occur in girls, such as swelling of the labia and some blood from the vagina.

Natal Teeth

Natal teeth are already formed when a baby is born. This is different from neonatal teeth, which form during the first 30 days after birth. Natal teeth are often small, weak, loose, and discolored.About 2,000-3,000 babies have natal teeth when they are born, usually forming in the lower front incisors. Natal teel can often be linked to other health problems that are growth related. Complications can come with natal teeth, such as inhalation if the tooth comes loose, tongue injury, and issues breastfeeding. Treatment options need to be assessed by a doctor or a dentist. They may decide there is no risk, or these teeth can be removed.

Crying Without Tears

Crying is a baby’s way of communicating what they need. They cry many times a day, peaking around 6-8 weeks. When a baby is a newborn, it may be surprising that theycry without tears. This is because their tear duct isn’t fully formed yet. This will fully form after about a month. If they still are not producing tears, there is a chance that they have a clogged tear duct or are dehydrated. If a baby has consistent dry eyes, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor. 

Having a baby is an amazing thing. There are so many changes the mom goes through, and the baby develops so quickly. There are many things that happen during pregnancy, childbirth, and when your baby is born. Many of these are normal, but if you have any questions always consult your doctor.

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