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10 Last-minute Halloween Costumes For Kids

3 min read

10 Last-minute Halloween Costumes For Kids

With Halloween just right around the corner, you suddenly remember that your kids still have no costumes to wear. You thought about buying or renting, but the stores are miles away, and ordering online may not be able to make it on time. The option you have now is to do a little bit of research and to DIY. Here are some effortless last-minute Halloween costumes that your kiddos will love and they will surely be amazed at mom's spooktacular creativity!

1. Instant Ballerina

Still, got that tutu from last year's recital? It can still be used for a ballerina costume. If needed, you can adjust the tutu and partner it with a white, pink, or black top. Add a tiara, and voila! An instant prima ballerina!
A girl wearing a tutu dress


2. Minions

Every kid knows the minions, and it is one of the easiest costumes for trick or treat. Your child needs jumper jeans, a yellow shirt or hoodie, and goggles. Wearing black gloves will make them look the part even better!

minions costume

3. Superman

Your little boy may have a superman shirt in his closet; you can use it to recreate the look of Clark Kent! Wear the shirt under his Sunday suit, and there you have it, the world's number one comic hero, the man of steel! Don't forget a pair of toy glasses to perfect the look!
Superman Clark Kent Costume

4. The Sporty Zombie

Costume made easy! Do your kids have basketball or baseball uniforms or any other sports jerseys? Wear those sports gears and make them look spooky by adding zombie makeup.

Sporty zombie costume kids

5. Mummy by mommy

Another easy peasy costume indeed! If you have old white curtains or sheets, cut them into strips and wrap them around your child. And there you have it, a cute spooky little mummy!

Mummy costume

6. Little Ghost

The most effortless, no-sweat Halloween costume of all! Any white fabric could be a sheet, curtain, etc., that will fit your kid. You can cut two holes for the eyes. And there you go, the classic Halloween ghost!

Ghost costume for kids

7. Stick man or Diary of a Whimpy Kid costume

This costume just needs a little effort. You will need white clothes, electrical tape, a white paper plate, and a marker. Just stick the electrical tape into the clothes and form a stickman. For the head, draw two circles for the eyes and a curved line for the smile.
As for the Diary of a Whimpy Kid costume, it's the same concept; you will just need to copy and draw his head, and you will need black shorts to replicate the look. Here's an example via Pinterest:

Diary of a Whimpy Kid costume

8. The Princess Fairy

Let your little girl wear her best dress, a tiara (a floral headband will also do), make a DIY wand, and fairy wings. Don't worry; the materials for the DIY can be found mostly at home. There are also easy-to-follow steps on YouTube and Pinterest on how to make fairy wings and a wand.

Princess fairy costume

9. Animal Costumes

There are a lot of tips and tricks in making a DIY animal costume. One of those is using a hoodie. Based the animal from the color of your child's hoodie. (yellow for chicks, pink for pig, green for a dinosaur or frog, etc.) Then create eyes, or ears from cloth or fabric or create any detail you want to put on the hoodie. You can use fabric glue, or you can sew them on. Finish the look with a bit of makeup!

If you want to make a sheep costume, you can glue cotton balls to a white hoodie and make the ears. As for making a jellyfish costume, your little girl can wear white, blue, pink, or purple clothes, then use a transparent umbrella with streamers attached as the tentacles.

If you have the time and want to save more, you can also use cardboard boxes.  Then you just need to use your creative imagination in making those cute animals! 
Animal costumes for kids

10. Cardboard Emojis

Ask your kids what their favorite emojis are and make them using cardboard. You do not need to be a pro in drawing these emojis. Most of them are simple smileys; let's just hope your kid will not choose the poop emoji. LOL!

Here's an example from
Cardboard emoji costume

Warm Bellies, Happy Babies.

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