Cold Pressed Soaps For You And Your Baby

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Mother holding baby and Memeeno Handmade Luxury Soap

As you already know by now, handmade soaps are a great, natural replacement for store-bought soaps and body washes sold world wide. But what are the benefits for new moms and babies?

Handmade soaps are extremely gentle, making it the perfect choice for sensitive skin. This makes it a great selection to bathe baby, but also mothers who are skin to skin with their babies. 

The handmade soap not only removes all the toxins from your skin, but also your bloodstream! The great thing about these soaps is that there are no harmful ingredients added to make it.

If you'd like to know more about other handmade soaps, you can refer back to our other blog linked here.

Each bar of cold pressed soap is filled with moisturizing enriched oils that will not only feel nice while you lather, but will also leave your skin feeling soft and smooth after you dry off.

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  • Olive Oil Soap
  • Sisal Soap Bag & Exfoliator
  • Organic Bamboo Washcloths (set of 6)
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