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Birthday Party Games for Kids

6 min read

Kids Party


Birthday parties are one of the best experiences we have as a kid. As a parent, we want our kids to experience the same happiness and joy with friends and family. We want them to build friendships with other kids, have fun, and be memorable. It doesn't have to be fancy. You can research DIYs and organize a simple party. Invite guests or a few of your child's closest friends. But parties are not complete without exciting games and activities!

When choosing a party activity, consider your child's age and the kids attending the party. Age-appropriate games can match their comprehension and skill level, which can make it more exciting for them. Prizes are not necessary as it promotes competition. You want to encourage an enjoyable atmosphere, and you do not want other kids to go home crying.

Instead of rewards, you can give party favors or giveaways which is more desirable as your guests can bring it home. You might now be wondering, what kiddie party games to play, or what are the best outdoor games for kids? Here are some fun games that you can play when celebrating your child's birthday party!


Pre-Schoolers (Ages 3 to 5)

1. Pass the parcel

This game is for preschoolers. It's fun, simple, easy, and only requires attentiveness. All you need is layers of wrappers and wrap a treat on each layer. Ask the kids to form a circle. Play some music and have the parcel to pass around. When the music stops, the child who's holding the parcel unwraps a layer and gets the treat. Then the parcel is passed on again while the music plays and so on.

Another version is a "dress-up" pass the parcel game. Instead of wrappers, you can use a draw-string bag. You can put small dress-up costumes inside like, funny hats, glasses, socks, fake mustache, or any accessories. As the music stops, a child gets an item from the bag and wears it throughout the game. At the end of the game, you can ask the kids to do a mini fashion show to strut their items and do wacky poses. And of course, expect a lot of giggles!

2. Pin the tail on the donkey

This classic game is still a hit, and there are a lot of ideas you can do matching your child's theme. You can pin a hat on woody, an eye on mike wazowski, or pin a horn on the unicorn. All you need is the image, a blindfold, and the object to be pinned. Hang the image on the wall at an eye-level of the participants. Spin the participant gently three times and let them find their way to pin the object on the image.

 3. Kim's game

Kim's game is about developing kid's observation and memory skills. Another simple game without breaking the bank. You can use 20 small objects that can fit in a tray and a pen and paper for each kid. Let the kids observe the objects for a minute, then cover the tray. Ask them to write down the objects they remember. The child who writes the most wins! You can also try to remove an object and have them guess which object is missing. Whoever guesses correctly wins!

4. Freeze Dance (Musical Statues)

Freeze Dance or Musical Statues is a really fun classic game that is also suitable for young kids. Young kids will be able to practice following directions. The children will stand in the center and dance as the music plays. When the music stops, the kids should freeze. When they move, they're out! The last player left will be the winner. Parents can distract them and make funny faces while the kids are in the statue mode. A slight laugh or smile can get you out of the game. 

5. Sand Treasure Hunt

The Sandbox in your backyard can be useful for occasions like this. You can hide well-packed small treats or toys under the sand.  Have the kids place the flags on the spot where they think the treasure is. Once everyone's flag is in place, it's time to dig up the treasure and see which is closest to which flag.


School Kids (Ages 6 to 9):

1. Pass the balloon

This game is best played with strategy and teamwork. Divide the kids into two teams. All you need is an inflated balloon or any round object. The goal is to get the balloon to the last player using no hands and placing the balloon between their chin and chest. If the balloon pops, the team will start at the beginning. The first team who finishes wins!

2. Scavenger Hunt

 The scavenger hunt is a popular party game. It is much fun to do outdoors since kids get to experience nature. It can be individual, or they can be divided into small teams. You can give them a list of things to find. Assign an area where they can do the searching. It can be a leaf, a flower, a coin, or a bottle, or whichever item is available in the said area. The first team to complete the list wins! 

3. Limbo

Another classic game is called limbo, wherein two players will be holding a long stick, and the other players will go under it. After each round, the stick gets lowered a few centimeters. You will be out if you accidentally touched the stick with any body part. The goal is to be the last player who will be able to go under the stick.

4. Doughnut Challenge

All you need is a tied ring doughnut on a string for each player. Hang them, and the players will eat them without using the hands. The player who finishes the doughnut first wins. You might need extra ring doughnuts for the fallen doughnuts and wipes to clean up after.

5. Pictionary

You do not need to buy the game as you can do a DIY. You can use a big pad or a whiteboard with a marker.  You will also need small notepads with words written on them. You can put the papers in a bowl or a box. You can play individually and let the other kids guess the word, or you can divide the team into two for larger groups. The player picks a word then he will be given a minute or two to draw. The kid or the team who gets to guess the word correctly wins!


Pre-Teens (ages 10 to 13)

1. Water Balloon Toss

This game is going to be wet and fun using water balloons. Have the kids paired up. The goal is to toss the balloon to their partners and catch it without popping. The last pair left wins! You can use self-sealing water balloons for this game. As an alternative, you can use sponge-bomb toss.

2. Over and under

This game is carried out as a team and requires cooperation. Each team can have four or more players. For the object, you can use a balloon or a ball. For a more exciting game, and if your guests are willing to get wet, you can use a water balloon or a wet sponge to pass on. Let the players fall in line. The goal is to pass the object alternately over the head and between the legs. The last person who receives the object must go in front of the first player and repeat the relay. This will be repeatedly done until the first player is back in front. The first team who finishes wins!

3. Find the gummy bears

 Messy yet fun is a game everyone will remember! In this game, you'll need a paper plate, a whipped cream, and gummy bears. On the plate, put a lot of whipped cream and hide three gummy bears. The players should find the bears with no hands! The player who finishes first wins! Take a photo to save those funny memories!

4. Baby in the air

For this game, you will need 10 or more water balloons. You can divide the group into two teams. Each team player has their own corresponding number. Ask them to form a circle. An organizer will stay at the center, and throws a balloon in the air, and calls out a number. Players that were called should attentively go to the center and catch the balloon. Whoever drops it is out.  The organizer should have the right timing calling out and throwing the balloon.

5. Footsy pop 

This is a fun game for our preteens. All you need is a balloon tied on a string. Then tie the balloon on the player's leg. Divide the guests into two teams. The goal is to pop the balloons of the enemy team and protect your balloon from being popped. The first team that pops all the balloons of the opposing team wins!

When the party's over be sure to stay clean and clean up with our all-natural, fragrance-free olive oil soap! Good for you and the family too!



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