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12 Best Holiday Gifts For Moms and Dads

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12 Best Holiday Gifts For Moms and Dads

Christmas is the season of giving. We allot time finding the right gift for the people that we love so we can put smiles on their faces. But sometimes, due to our hectic schedules, we often cram and do rush holiday shopping. To avoid this and to save time, try to determine what the person wants or create a list of gifts you wish to buy. If you are running out of ideas, check out the 12 Best Holiday Gifts we created to guide you on your holiday gift shopping. This list is specially made for your mom and dad friends!


Neck and back massager MEMEENO belly bands for gas and colic
1. Back or Neck Massager

There can be a lot of stress being an adult and, what's more, being a parent. Trying their best to care for their kids, run errands, and manage their homes. Moms and dads often experience exhaustion and may feel muscle tension in their backs and neck. A portable, easy-to-use neck or back massager can become handy during those times. Your fellow parents will appreciate this gift because it will help them relax, loosen their stiff muscles and provide relief whenever they experience back pains. So get it for your momma friend, or add one for yourself.



Ember mug MEMEENO 12 Best Holiday Gifts for Moms and Dads
2. An Ember Mug

For the parent whose coffee has always gone cold, this one is for you! Perfect for the busy moms and dads who often forget they have hot coffee or tea sitting somewhere and remember it when it's already cold. The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug has a charging coaster to keep your coffee hot. It also has a downloadable app where they can control their drink's temperature. This mug may be costly, but it is one of the best gifts that any parent will love!


Wireless charging pad
3. Wireless charging station

Another useful gift. We may be familiar with the usual charging docks, but a wireless charging station is everything! A charger that lets you charge your phone, wireless headphones, smartwatch, and Apple pencil all in one place. You can conveniently bring it anywhere since it is wireless! Pretty convenient!


Wearable blankets MEMEENO baby belly bands for fussy baby
4. Wearable Blankets

Everybody needs a thick, cozy, comfy blanket to keep you warm this winter, and the best way to have one is to wear one! They come in different designs, colors, patterns, and sizes. Available on Amazon. Parents will surely love them, especially when they cuddle their little ones!


Bedside caddy MEMEENO baby belly bands for gassy and colicky baby
5. Bedside Caddy

Adults love to have a bedside caddy with many pockets; not only can they store more things, but also an excellent way to be organized. Bedside caddies don't take up much space, and it's great to see your bedside table clutter-free when you own a caddy. Different designs and colors on Amazon can match your mom or dad friend's personality.


Portable Screen Cleaner
6. Portable Screen Cleaner

Expect a lot of fingerprints on your devices every time your kid uses them. A portable screen cleaner can become handy whenever you use your mobile phone. An affordable, helpful gift for our moms and dads!


Travel mugs MEMEENO 12 Best Holiday Gifts for Moms and Dads
7. Reusable Coffee Cup or Travel Mug

Best for moms and dads who are always on the go! Find a good quality cup or mug that can hold a hot or cold liquid for hours, is also moist-free, spill-proof, and can fit most car cup holders.


Stroller Organizer MEMEENO baby belly bands to soothe your fussy baby
8. Stroller Organizer

Great for new moms and dads! A stroller organizer that can hold all your essentials, tumbler, mobile phone, wipes, wallet, keys, and more. No need to bring your own small bag when strolling your little one. This organizer will be sufficient for your essentials.


Skip Hop Changing Pad
9. Skip Hop Portable Changing Pad

A portable changing pad in a clutch! This changing pad can also hold 4 diapers, wipes, and a cream. The pad can be folded as a clutch, hand-carried, or clipped to a stroller. The changing pad also has a front zipper for personal items. Easy to clean and convenient.

Scentered Essential Oil Balm Stick MEMEENO baby belly bands for colicky baby

10. Essential Oil Balm Stick

Moms and dads need to relax and re-energize after a long day's work. A good way to do it is by applying an essential oil balm stick like Scentered Sleep Well Aromatherapy to your pusle points 30 mins before bedtime. It can also be inhaled as it has different scents like lavander that is good for sleep and relaxation. Also, the good thing about this stick is it can be used by both adults and kids.


Esasora Ice Roller MEMEENO baby belly bands best want to soothe your baby the natural way

11. Esasora Ice Roller

This is to help your mama friends relax and get some beauty sleep. It is like a jade roller to depuff the face, but it's more amazing as it uses ice! It stimulates blood circulation to the face, reduces swelling and inflammation, it promotes lymphatic fluid drainage and many more. 


Kibou Fanny Pack Diaper Bag

12. Kibou Fanny Pack Diaper Bag

This for minimalist moms and dads who do not want to bring big diaper bags. Made of recycled vegan leather, this fanny pack can hold up to 20+ wipes with a waterproof pocket, has an adjustable strap and a detachable changing pad. Inside the bag, there is a pacifier hook, can hold diapers etc. Also, on its zipper pocket, it has card holders and can fit your phone. Truly convenient for a small size! 

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The Gift That Mom, Dad, & Baby Will Surely Love!

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