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15 Best Baby Holiday Gifts

4 min read

15 Best Baby Holiday Gifts

It's almost the holidays, and we know you are getting excited to shop for Christmas presents! Choosing gifts may seem easy but we also need to think about the person we are gifting. What do they like? Will they be happy? Will it be useful for them? or Will it just end up in their closet? Think of a gift they need or want but don't really know it. In this blog, we have researched things that new moms may want or need for their babies. Here are the 15 best holiday gifts that you can choose from:


Green Sprouts Cool Calm Press MEMEENO Baby belly bands for fussy baby
1 Green Sprouts Cool Calm Press

This cool calm press provides cold therapy for your little one's minor bumps, aches, and bruises. The product is filled with non-toxic gel and can be stored in the freezer so you can use it anytime. This product stays flexible even when stored in the freezer for so long. It is available in turtle, butterfly, and owl characters. A good gift that can be useful for the family.



Growth chart MEMEENO baby belly bands to soothe your baby

2 Growth Chart

It is nice to have your own grow chart home, especially if you have kids! You can monitor your child's height every few months, which can also serve as a good memory when they grow up. Checking on your child's growth is essential to their health and development. Impaired growth may indicate poor nutrition or underlying health conditions. Growth charts are available on Amazon and Etsy.

Indestructible Books MEMEENO Baby Belly Bands for Gassy and Colicky Baby

3 Indestructibles Books

These books are made of non-toxic paper-like material that is chew-proof, rip-proof, and drool-proof. These books are washable and perfect for babies as they always put things into their mouths.

Skip Hop Ride On MEMEENO Baby belly bands to help your baby sleep
4 Skip Hop Zoo 3-In-1 Ride-On Toy

This toy can be a wagon for early walkers, a ride-on for immediate ones, and a scooter for advanced walkers. A toy that your child can use for a long time! It also has fun sound effects!


Totter + Tumble Mat MEMEENO Baby tummy binder for gas and colic relief
5 Totter + Tumble Mat

This mat is made for support and the child's safety. It has memory foam to protect your child from hard floors in case they stumble. It is simple, stylish, and available in different patterns.


Photo session MEMEENO baby belly bands

6 Photo Studio Session

Cannot think of a physical gift? Why not book a free photo session for the baby and family? This will surely be memorable as their happy moments are captured and can be remembered in their lifetime.

Green Sprouts Swim Diaper
7 Green Sprouts Swim Diaper

One of the things that moms thought they wouldn't need. This swim diaper is waterproof and absorbent, perfect for a swim. It is reusable, eco-friendly, and available in different designs too! It has snap buttons so it can easily be adjusted for your baby's comfort.

Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby MEMEENO Baby Belly Bands  for gassy babies
8 Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby

These art cards consist of different images in black and white. At 0-3 months, newborns cannot see colors well. Black and white and edges can help them engage and focus on an image. As they progress to 6 months, they can see the full image and shapes. These cards can be used in busy areas, like changing stations, so babies can stop wiggling or crying and shift their attention to black-and-white images. These art cards can also be a cute display in your baby's nursery room.


Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids MEMEENO baby belly bands fast gas colic relief
9 Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids

These are comfy little chairs in different colors specially made for kids. It can be personalized too! You might want to check out Pottery Barn Kids for limited-time offers.

Ezpz Mat MEMEENO baby belly warmer to help baby sleep
10 Ezpz Mat

This Happy mat is a placemat plus a plate that suctions the table. Available in different colors, this mat is convenient and practical. It has less mess and no tipping bowls or plates. Toddlers and preschoolers can use it.


Oball MEMEENO Baby Belly Bands for babies
11 Oball

Oballs are perfect for all ages, especially for babies. These balls are easy to grasp, soft, and colorful. It can easily be played with, and babies will surely be entertained!


Cotton Toy Bin MEMEENO Baby belly binder to relieve gas
12 Cotton Toy Bin

Cotton toy bins are a great way to organize your baby's room. These bins are available in different designs and can be ordered online on Amazon, Etsy, etc. It can also be displayed in your baby's room.

Board Books MEMEENO gas and colic relief
13 Board Books

Reading books to your baby can create bonding moments and help develop their listening and visual skills. This activity can also encourage them to read more books when they grow. Board books will allow babies to explore images and texts on them. Some board books have different textures per page for sensory play.

Terry Bath Mitts MEMEENO baby belly warmer for gas and colic
14 Terry Bath Mitts

These Terry Bath Mitts by Zoocchini are for babies, toddlers, and kids. It is made soft for the baby's skin. Available in different animal designs, it will surely entertain your little one as it can be worn as a puppet.


Baby Belly Bands for your baby's gas and colic
15 Baby Belly Bands

Tried and tested by many moms, this is something they described as a lifesaver. Baby belly bands are made of organic cotton, its primary purpose is to warm and protect the tummy with the secondary benefits of relieving gas and colic. If your baby is fussy, belly bands can help soothe and calm your little one. Available in different stylish prints.


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