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7 Ways To Deal With Temper Tantrums

3 min read

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Are you a mom who’s stressed out dealing with your child’s temper tantrums? We definitely feel you momma! At times, it can be difficult to handle, and it often tests our patience. But why do kids throw tantrums? Temper tantrums are equally normal for both boys and girls, ages 1 to 3, and even older. Since most toddlers are still developing their speech in this stage, this is their way of expressing themselves if they feel upset and frustrated. Their brains are still developing and need many years before they can begin to articulate and regulate their emotions and behaviors.

We know this can be hard, especially for new parents. We want to help you handle tantrums like a pro! We've listed the 7 best ways on how to deal with temper tantrums.


  1. Recognizing Good Deeds

Temper tantrums in kids are normal, and it's a part of their development. This will eventually decrease after they have improved their language skills over time. We as parents can prevent these overemotional behaviors by implementing a positive attitude towards our kids. We can praise and recognize them for doing good things. This way, they will be more encouraged to do good actions and respond positively to their surroundings.

  1. Keep Things Out of Sight

Remove the not-so-child-friendly stuff that may catch their attention. Toddlers can be insistent when they see something interesting and may throw a fit if they are unable to get what they want. It is best to keep the objects out of reach and out of sight. It may not be applicable in some situations, as things are uncontrollable outside of the home. In this case, Tip #3 may come in handy.


  1. Shift Their Attention

We cannot control the environment at all times so it is best to distract our little ones from the things that they cannot have. You can offer them something else, like, toys, an activity, or change the surroundings by bringing them to a different room. Tell them amazing stories or play with them, which can help change their attention.

  1. Keep Them Busy

Teach them new things that can help their skills be developed. They are at the stage where they are curious about a lot of things, so it is best to help them learn. You can give them simple, easy tasks and praise them for doing a job well done. It will help them boost their confidence and learn how to control their emotions.


  1. Acknowledge Your Toddler’s Requests

You must acknowledge your toddler’s requests. It will help them feel that they are being heard, and they can be able to express how they feel. You may want to consider their requests if it is harmless, and will allow them to learn and gain experience. Listening to them can promote self-esteem and make them feel important and valued.


  1. Be Mindful of Your Toddler’s Limits

The odds are, if your child is tired, it may not be the best time to bring him along for an errand. Observe if they are hungry or if they needed something. Make sure to address their needs first before going out or offering something to do. This will help to prevent them from feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or frustrated.


  1. Handle it Like a Pro

There are times when parents get stressed or sometimes feel provoked when their child throws a tantrum. Do not respond to a tantrum with anger. It is best to stay calm, and model how we would want them to behave. This helps them cool down and regulate their emotions. Sometimes, we can ignore their tantrums as long as they are safe and let them work through their emotions. When you do address it, label their emotion, "you seem angry," describe the situation "you wanted to watch tv" and what your will or will not do about it "but our tv time is up so let's see what we can do now.". Sometimes, they are so overwhelmed themselves that a simple hug can do the trick! But, it is also important to stay consistent as it will eventually help them learn how to control their behavior.


MEMEENO cares for moms like you! We always want to share informative things to help you on your journey of motherhood and help you find solutions so you can give the best care for your little ones. And to help you with a fussy, colic baby, try our stylish, safe Belly Bands, which can aid in easing gas and warming your babies' little bellies.




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