Touchless Door Openers: You Need One!

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Memeeno Touchless Door Opener


What is it?
Touchless door openers do exactly what they say: open doors without needing your physical touch to get the job done. 

How does it work? 

You simply stick your finger through the loop and use the hook device to do all the dirty work for you!

Why do I need one? 
It's 2020, we've been on lock down for more than10 months and germs are ramping up. Now more than ever, you want to avoid touching public doors at all costs. While some establishments have stepped it up and added options, having your own device ensures that you avoid the risk every single time.

You can use it to turn on switches, turn on water faucets and open public bathroom doors. They help when putting in your pin on key pads when making in-store purchases, or signing your name on a touch pad. There are so many uses for a Touchless door opener! 

Anyway we can reduce the risk of getting those pesky little germs on our fingers, is good enough for us!

Our Touchless Keychain Door Opener comes with a FREE carabiner making it easy to  carry. It can hang on your keychain, belt ring, purse, diaper bag or backpack. It is easy-to-clean with soap and water or disinfectant wipes.


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