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How to Care for Baby Hair

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How to Care for Baby Hair

Some babies have it, some babies don't! Worry not if your little babe doesn't have fuzzies yet. It takes time! But for those who do, taking proper care is easy and simple. First, don't wash his hair every day. That will dry out the scalp and remove its natural oils.  Second, use a really, I mean really soft bristled brush to comb her hair. There are specialized brushes for babies. You might see bald spots from where the baby sleeps. Try to encourage baby to sleep on the other side or move his head gently while he sleep so the hair grows back in bald spots. For hard tangles, use a detangling spray to help smooth out the curls. Make sure you do a small skin test it on the baby first to see if there are any skin reactions to the spray. If you want to encourage hair growth, you can use natural oils (my favorites are olive and coconut oil) on the hair and scalp, but be sure to rinse out after about fifteen minutes. Finally, do not blow dry baby's hair. Their scalp and hair are delicate and the heat is not good for the baby.


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