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5 Habits That May Endanger the Health of Your Unborn Baby

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5 Habits That May Endanger the Health of Your Unborn Baby

Becoming pregnant is often an exciting time for women who are looking forward to having a baby and entering motherhood. Although there are many habits and practices that you may typically have each day, there are some that will need to be avoided once you have become pregnant. Here are a few healthy habits that can undermine the health of your pregnancy.

Lunch Meat

Although it is important to consume lean meat in your diet to obtain a natural source of protein, lunch meat poses a health risk to pregnant women because it can contain Listeria. Approximately 2,500 individuals are infected with Listeria each year, and pregnant women are at an increased risk from Listeria. Some meat that is consumed should also be reheated until it begins to steam to ensure that any bacteria that is present is killed.



From headaches to menstrual cramps, pain medication can offer you relief when you are experiencing pain or discomfort. It may be second nature to reach for Ibuprofen or medicine while pregnant, but some pain relievers can put your baby at risk. Especially during the third trimester, ibuprofen and Motrin can be dangerous to the baby. The drugs can increase the risk of heart complications for the baby and also reduces the amount of amniotic fluid that is present.

Source:  https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/otc-abuse/ibuprofen-while-pregnant


From green tea to coffee, caffeine is found in many different beverages that can increase the risk of a miscarriage or a low birth weight for babies. Stick to decaf beverages and avoid consuming high amounts of chocolate due to the caffeine that it contains. Soda, energy drinks, and milk chocolate should also be avoided while pregnant or consumed in moderation.


Foods With Soil

Fruits and vegetables are a necessary part of your diet when pregnant to ensure that the baby obtains the essential nutrients and vitamins to develop a strong immune system and grow well. Unfortunately, many types of produce have soil or norovirus present on the exterior, which can increase the risk of developing an infection. Before eating fruits and vegetables, wash them thoroughly to ensure that they are clean and are ready to be consumed. Excessive soil can also lead to constipation and digestive issues in some individuals.


Spending Time in the Hot Tub or Sauna

Relaxing in the hot tub may sound ideal if you are experiencing aches and pains while pregnant, but the high temperatures are unsafe while carrying a baby because of the effect that they have on your body. The water temperature can elevate your body temperature during the first trimester and can increase the risk of birth defects or complications. Skipping the sauna or hot baths are also recommended to protect your health.

Source: https://aquarec.com/blog/how-long-should-you-stay-in-a-hot-tub/

Many lifestyle changes must be made during the nine months of pregnancy to avoid potential complications and to protect the health of the baby. With the right adjustments made, you can reduce the risk of health issues and have peace of mind until it's time to deliver.

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