4 Mom-Proven Ways to Soothe a Colicky Baby

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4 Mom-Proven Ways to Soothe a Colicky Baby

Hearing your baby cry is hard, really hard. It's often difficult to tell what is causing a baby to wail and scream. Is it gas? Is it digestion? Is she uncomfortable? Does she want to be held? She will have been well fed, her diaper changed and good to go. Then all of a sudden the screams begin. Parents often just don't know. This was true for us and our baby girl. She would always start crying around sunset time and just keep going and going. There seemed to be no end in sight. But with trial and error, we figured out what worked for us and, as I learned, for many others.

1) Take the baby outside. Sometimes, a little sunlight and blue skies are what do the trick. That and a cool breeze on a baby's face can cool hot tempers.

2) Undress and tummy rub. We would often undress her and rub olive oil on her tummy to release some of the gas from a feeding or digestion problems. This warms the tummy and moves gas down and out, which is where you want it!

3) Tummy Time. Placing baby on her tummy, if age appropriate and supervised, can also put pressure and warmth on the tummy to release some gases to help soothe and comfort.

4) Wrap Baby's Tummy. By fastening a band around the baby's tummy, the pressure and the warmth helps to ease baby's tummy troubles. The method of soothing has been used in various cultures and places around the world.

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