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19th Century English Baby Belly Binder

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19th Century English Baby Belly Binder



Science Museum England.



How did people centuries ago treat gas and colic symptoms? How did they provide gas relief? Moms with colicky babies, did they use gas drops back then? Windi tubes? Herbal packets? Nope. They used a belly binder. And guess what, it worked!

Check out this baby belly band or binder. It was used in the 1800's in England to ensure that a baby's belly button stays an 'innie." It's made of silk, elastic and goat hair. One of the multiple uses of a belly band or binder is flatten the button!

 You can read all about it out here at the Science Museum. Meanwhile, take a look at this drawing of a patented belly band or binder from the early 1900s. Doesn't look comfortable at all. But hey, it worked!







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