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10 Reasons Why You Need A Sleep Consultant

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MEMEENO Blog: 10 Reasons Why You Need A Sleep Consultant

Most parents with newborns are sleep-deprived. Babies this age are usually awake at night because of the need to feed and their sleeping pattern is not yet established. Sometimes other issues are causing them to wake up, like being gassy, colicky, or sometimes having a wet diaper. Babies at this age are unable to sleep yet on their own. Parents will need to soothe their little ones to get them back to sleep.

Today's generation of parents usually searches online to address their concerns and questions. Whether it's about baby formula or about calming their fussy baby, there is a lot of advice that they can follow from the tip of their fingertips. However, not all recommendations will work as each baby is unique. What works for others may not work for your little one. What will you do if you already tried all the suggestions and it still doesn't resolve your baby's sleep issues? Do not be frustrated moms and dads! Certified Baby Sleep Consultants can help you and your baby achieve better sleep. Here are the 10 reasons why you need a sleep consultant.

1. Babies 6-months old and below

In the first few months, newborns usually wake up at night to feed as their tummy can only hold small amounts of milk. They will be needing frequent feedings which are around 2-3 hours intervals. As your baby grows, they develop longer sleep nights however when it comes to 4 to 6 months, sometimes babies undergo sleep regression. Their sleep patterns shift which makes them more awake at night and hard for them to go back to sleep. If you are unsure of what to do, a sleep consultant can help you. They will assess your little one and create a soothing strategy to help calm and settle your baby.


2. You are overwhelmed, tired, and frustrated

Having a newborn can be quite overwhelming especially when your baby becomes fussy at night. If this happens every night, you will end up being overtired, sleepless, and frustrated. Sometimes your baby's cries can also affect other family members. To avoid this chaos and if you are desperately in need of help, consult a baby sleep coach. They will help you achieve your baby's sleep goals so your family can also get their regular sleep back in order.


3. You are a working parent 

Working moms and dads need to be well-rested in order to do their daily tasks and perform well in their jobs. If you are tired and sleep-deprived, you may not be able to function well at home and at work. A sleep consultant can help your baby sleep longer so mom and dad can also sleep better.  In recent years, many companies had provided more benefits for their employees in order for them to perform well, which will be good in business. If you are a new parent and you are having sleepless nights, some employers are willing to pay for a sleep consultant so you can be well-rested and have more focus to accomplish your daily itineraries.


4. You have a newborn and a toddler

MEMEENO Blog: When do you need a sleep consultant

Toddlers or preschoolers can be more challenging when it comes to bedtime as they are more mobile. Stalling and other excuses are common in them as they want to prolong their activities more rather than going to bed.  Having a toddler and a newborn can be quite difficult as their needs are both demanding. A Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant can help you with both kids. They will provide recommendations that will suit your toddler and your baby's sleep needs.


5. You want to learn how to sleep train

Pediatric Sleep consultants are not only for babies but they can also work with you in training your toddlers or preschoolers on how to sleep on their own. You may face tantrums along the way, as it can be hard for your child to transfer to a new room. Separation Anxiety is also normal and a sleep coach will provide sleep training techniques to help your tot adapt to this new routine without mom and dad sleeping beside him. Your toddler may not be able to understand what you are trying to do but a sleep coach will lay out a plan on how to break co-sleeping and make your child become an independent sleeper.


6. When your baby has digestive problems

If your baby has digestive issues like being gassy or having reflux, you may need a customized plan to help sleep soothe your baby.  Even if you read articles or books about these kinds of issues, it may still be hard for you to identify what works for them. You need a plan that is effective and safe. A plan that is sensitive to your little one's issues and in line with your doctor's advice, a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant can do this for you. 


7. You are the only adult at home

You may be a single parent or maybe your partner works miles away, it can be difficult to do everything on your own. The role can be demanding and overwhelming, as you do household chores and making sure your baby is well taken care of. You may think you got everything handled but the reality is you need support. You need someone to guide you on how you can help your fussy baby sleep. Besides your mommy friend who visits to assist you, a certified sleep consultant can help your baby sleep better and longer. If your baby sleeps well, it means momma can sleep longer, and have extra time for herself.


8. You have twins or more

You may have kids of different ages that can be quite challenging but having twins or multiple babies is another story. Babies cannot talk and can only cry for communication. How will you handle if your twins get fussy and cry for long hours all at the same time? You and your partner may get tired or frustrated as nothing would work to console them. Consult a Sleep Coach to work with you and your twins. Getting advice from a sleep expert can make your lives easier. They will walk you through step by step to help your babies sleep better.


 9. You have an unusual set up

MEMEENO Blog: When do you need a sleep consultant?

Some of us may have an unusual setup, like traveling a lot, working irregular hours or if your baby has multiple caregivers, it can be hard for your little one to achieve better sleep. A sleep consultant can customize a sleep plan for you that matches the given situation. The plan can include sleep tips, routines, and many more that are appropriate for your baby.


 10. You have tried everything but nothing worked

You may have searched the Internet about different baby how-tos and tried everything, but sometimes those strategies just don't work. You may end up feeling frustrated or you can be at your wit's end. Sometimes having someone to talk to is all you need to get back on track and be motivated. Working with a sleep coach can make you feel that you are not alone and there's someone who can assist you in resolving your baby's sleep problems. They will help you find the best strategy and work with you to achieve better baby sleep. 


Want Better Sleep for You and Baby?

Check out our eBook, written by a certified pediatric sleep consultant. Start your mornings better with quality sleep.


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July 29, 2021

A Sleep consultant can have a video call with the family and also the family shows them the sleep area. The consultant will assess the sleep situation based on answered questionnaire and conversations and then come up with a sleep plan. The consultant will then support the family in following up and implementing the plan and making adjustments where needed.


July 28, 2021

My daughter, a single parent and pediatric operating room nurse has a 5-week old daughter. She will be home with her until she’s 12-weeks and then back to working three 12-hour shifts/week. Baby is very fussy between 10-10:30pm and 2 am. How does the sleep consultant work; online on in home (Salt Lake City, UT) and what is the cost?

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