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2021 Mom's Summer Trends

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2021 Mom's Summer Trends

We moms are so busy that sometimes we no longer care about what we wear. We juggle work, chores, looking after the kids, spending time with our husband, and we leave a little attention to ourselves. You may think that there's no point in dressing up, but styling and making ourselves look pretty would not hurt every once in a while. Looking nice and presentable will help boost our self-confidence and may push us to give our 100% in everything we do. 

Think about it, momma. What if your husband comes home tired from work seeing you all beautiful and glammed up? He'll surely appreciate and might say a jaw-dropping "wow" when he sees you! Making that simple effort can turn his exhausting day into a good one. It's also one way to spice things up and put a little excitement in your relationship.

As for you, glamming up can make you feel good about yourself, helps improve your mood, and increases your self-esteem. There is no need to buy new clothes this summer. You can start looking in your closet and doll up without spending. We have put up a list of outfits that you can wear and are trendy this summer.


Halter Tops

This fashion of the 90s is making a comeback! If you still have this trend in your closet, then you're in luck! It will be a one-hot summer trend! Prepare to show those collarbones! Halter tops can be worn with anything from shorts to pants and skirts!

halter top


Side Cutouts

Most side cutouts are dresses that emphasize your shapes and curves. It can also be an ideal dress for a warm sunny day. In case you do not have this available, you can DIY old clothes. There are plenty of DIY guides that you can find on Pinterest.

side cutout



Tie Dyes were first seen in the 60s as a symbol of freedom and uniqueness. At some point in our lives, we owned a tie-dye shirt, or a friend must have given us one, or we must have bought it from a souvenir shop. It is best paired with denim shorts or jeans for that tropical summer vibe!

tie dye


Crochet Tops

Crochet tops are being a trend right now and are good to wear for warm weather. There are many stylish crochet tops that you can see in the market. Most women find them light, easy, and comfortable. If you do not have one and want to cop the look, different crochet outfits are available online at an affordable cost. Crochet clothing is best paired with denim shorts or a mini skirt, or you can go for a boho style with a maxi skirt. You can also wear colorful earrings, bangles, or have a lightweight sling bag to go with the look!



Mini Skirts 

You may think that wearing these skirts is only for the young, but moms, no matter what age, can still rock in a mini! Mini skirts are no doubt still popular in the summer, where jeans and sweatpants are inappropriate. You can easily pair minis with almost anything from shirts, tank tops to blazers, etc. Just make sure to wear a good combination of colors! :)

mini skirt


Floral Prints

Florals in the summer will never go out of style. It gives a feeling of freshness and comfort on warm summer days. These prints can be anywhere from dresses, tops, skirts, shorts, and even bags. You can wear a simple floral dress at home with a side braid for that summer vibe. Mix this print with plain tops, or shorts, or even other patterns.



Fruits & Veggie Prints

Fruits and veggie prints are in this summer from dresses, tops, bags, and other accessories. Most popular are citrusy ones that can you can see everywhere. It's fresh in the eyes, and of course, gives that summer feel. So if you have that watermelon, strawberry, or lemony dress somewhere in your closet, now is the best time to bring it out!

watermelon fruit dress



When it comes to swimwear, high-waisted swimsuits are in this summer. Not only that, but three-piece swimwear is also becoming a trend. It means a bikini top, bottom, and a button-down or a stylish robe to match your swimsuit. It is good for coverage if you feel not showing in a swimsuit yet.


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