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Baby Belly Band - Ocean
Santos Cortez

Helps the baby a lot!

Love this hat!

Baby Belly Band - Floral
Monica Vasquez
Seems to work..

My baby gets gas pain in the evening so when she does I wrap her in this and she seems to calm fine after a bit.

Baby Belly Band - Ocean
Claudia Sabre

Baby Belly Band - Ocean

Baby Belly Band - Floral
jessica durham
Sleeps in it every night

This band has really helped our gassy little girl!! She is 8 weeks now and we have been suing it two weeks. She sleeps in it every night. Last night we didn’t put it on her as it was not dry yet from being washed and she did not sleep as well. You could tell her gas was really bothering her!

Baby Belly Band - Luna
Kimberly Roman

Baby Belly Band - Luna

Helps my baby burp and pass the gas. Having a colic baby feel relieved is everything!

Baby Belly Band - Sage
Joy Austinson

The belly wraps are something I would have never thought of and really helped while my twins were colicky!

Baby Belly Band - Feathers
Heidi Phillips

Baby Belly Band - Feathers

I guess my son loves it. Well I did do too

Love it

My daughter was having issues with colic and was always fussy when she was awake and had a hard time sleeping. We bought this thinking if it works great, if not then oh well, and let me tell you it works for her so well. Within the first 10 minutes of putting on the band she is calm and usually asleep and usually passes most of her gas in her sleep. It's a life saver when nothing else worked!

Baby Belly Band - Sage
Sarah Laumer

Baby Belly Band - Sage

great course

my wife loves it and it assisted her well with our baby

Doesn’t work

Didn’t help with gas

Baby Belly Band - Arrows
kristin woods

But it hasn't helped my daughter's gas issues. She seems to like the warmth but still gassy.

Great video course

If you are struggling or having a new baby this course is very helpful...absolutely recommend it!!

Helping your baby sleep course

Excellent and very informative course. It gives excellent tips for new moms.

Little big but she’ll grow into it

Like the belly band…still trying to figure out if it helps but so far we think it might. And trying to find the best time to put it on can be challenging bc too close after a feed, but that’s usually when she’s most fussy. It’s trial and error. And It’s just a little bit too big on our newborn, as she was only 6 lbs when she was born. But I know she’ll grow into it.

Seems to be working!

I have a 5 week old son who was in visible pain from his gas. We were using gripe water in his formula, gas drops, hypoallergenic formula, and he was still so gassy. Ordered this band last week and rec’d in on Monday. Came very quick and was notified by Memeeno on every step of the delivery. The band is helping him pass gas easier and he is no longer in pain. He still isn’t sleeping through the night, but it has reduced his time awake in the twilight hours and he is a happy awake baby versus an angry awake baby. Thank you Memeeno!

Baby Belly Band - Arrows
Brandon South

The product was nice and the company was helpful when the product was lost by the postal service.

Gas relief!!!!

I bought this product for my 5 month old son last week. He has always been a gassy baby since he was born but with the transition into puréed foods along with nursing his gas has increased in discomfort for him. I saw these bands advertised on Facebook and Instagram and figured I would give it a try. We received the band last night and used it while he slept last night. It was a miracle. My son woke up the happiest baby and was able to pass his gas with zero discomfort this morning! I will recommend this product to every person I know with a baby that suffers from gas discomfort!!

Baby Belly Band - Love Her
Brittney Victoria
No title

No exactly sure how accurate this product is. Put it on the baby and she didn’t fall asleep right away. Seemed liked she got annoying that it was on her. Lol

Must have!

There are so many baby products out there that it’s tough to know what you reaallllly need, especially as a new parent. My little guy is almost 4 months old and this product has been a staple for the past couple of months. I really feel like it does what it says it will do- soothe and provide comfort. It’s especially helpful now that we’re transitioning out of the swaddle. His arms are free so he can be safe, but the band still provides that warmth and security. Also it doesn’t hurt that this a beautifully made product. Very pleased with the craftsmanship, design, and quality

So soft

I love the swaddle and it’s so soft however, I am still waiting for my belly band to arrive.

Baby Belly Band - Love Her
linda parsells

Baby Belly Band - Love Her