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Love it. Works very well

This doesn’t work
Don’t buy

Baby loves it!!

My baby girl has some reflux that has drops don’t fully help, so I wanted to try the belly band to see if that would help. She loves having the pressure on her tummy when it’s upset, and the band definitely helps with that! She can have the band on and still kick to help her digestive system and than she eventually gets her bubbles out and falls asleep :)
Highly recommend the belly bands to anyone with gassy babies !!

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Gladys Rivera

Personalized Name

Product is amazing and works great for my baby

Colic & Gas Relief Baby Belly Band - Aquarelle

help a little

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Taylor Baires
It hasn’t helped at all

My son is struggling with bad gas and tummy issues I saw this and was so hopeful it would help and it didn’t do anything!!!

Love this product. Helps provide some relief for our little guy when he’s got little gas bubbles trapped in his tummy.

It's for a baby shower gift!

I put this in about twenty minutes after my son eats. He will usually just lay and look around or have a nap and when he wakes he’s always in a good mood when before he would wake up super mad and uncomfortable. Sometimes I can’t get the timing right but when I do it’s made life for both of us much easier when it comes to the gas issues ♥️

Colic & Gas Relief Baby Belly Band - Ceta (Whale)

It did not help my grand daughter's colic. Waste of money.

Too small

My baby never got to use it i tried it but she was born big and it did not close she couldve use about annunch or two more and could not return Iam sitting on $32 hoping someone in my family has a baby so I can gift it to them

We like it

Don’t work for my baby

Colic & Gas Relief Baby Belly Band - Love Her

This item was not to my liking.

Belly band Ocean

It's a gift for my niece's baby, who is not born yet. 😉 Check back with me around May!!


I love the belly band Memeeno. The first day I put it on my baby she burped right away. It's helped her release gas faster. Thank you for this. She is less fuzzy!

Absolutely love this product.

Best swaddle ever.

Did not work for me and my baby