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So soothing for baby!

These Belly Bands are wonderful for soothing babies tummys. They are made of high-quality materials and are so soft and comforting. I will be recommending these belly bands to all the Moms I know!

Baby Belly Band - Noir
Shaunarae Duperron
Bellyband Black

My little guy doesn't mind wearing the bellyband at all and seems to help with his gas and pooping even ! Lol I would recommend this product to others with gassy babies

A welcomed gift

This is a gift for my son and his wife whose first child will arrive mid-April. They loved the packaging. Very unique. The product quality and design is exquisite and impressive. With a family history of tummy troubles they are happy to have the Baby Belly Band readily available as needed. I will follow up 🤗

Baby Belly Band - Love Her
Frances Schurz
Love it

My baby girl loves it. Thank you so much!!!!!

Baby Belly Band - Feathers
Larissa Fragoso
Title is great product not so much

Belly band did not help our baby whatsoever


Within a few moments of putting on the belly band my boy is calmed down when he is gassy! They are worth the purchase!

Great for gassy baby

Helps calm gassy baby. Material is so soft and patterns are cute! I bought 3 of the belly bands.

I love this product

This has been honestly saving my sleep at night my daughter has extremely bad gas which caused her to cry all the time. Gas drops no longer were helping. I am so happy I came across this band. Every mom needs one of these

Baby Belly Band - Darling
Callie Chisholm

My baby has had gas since she was born and nothing helped. I changed my diet and everything, but to no avail. I saw an add for this on instagram and I thought “what’s there to lose?” This has made an enormous help in my baby’s gas issues. It’s even helped her to burp better! Highly recommend.

Organic Super Soft Bamboo Washcloths (set of 6)

A God Send

We've already ordered our second for back up. Helps settle our little ones belly and get gas out. Helpful, would recommend for anyone to try!

Gassy infant

This is working wonders for my 7 week old who suffers from gas pains. I have noticed less fussiness and more ability to get gas out quickly and painlessly when she is wearing

Baby Belly Band - Arrows
Kayla Bronico

Baby Belly Band - Arrows

Baby Belly Band - Ocean
Santos Cortez

Helps the baby a lot!

Baby Belly Band - Floral
Monica Vasquez
Seems to work..

My baby gets gas pain in the evening so when she does I wrap her in this and she seems to calm fine after a bit.

Baby Belly Band - Ocean
Claudia Sabre

Baby Belly Band - Ocean

Baby Belly Band - Floral
jessica durham
Sleeps in it every night

This band has really helped our gassy little girl!! She is 8 weeks now and we have been suing it two weeks. She sleeps in it every night. Last night we didn’t put it on her as it was not dry yet from being washed and she did not sleep as well. You could tell her gas was really bothering her!

Baby Belly Band - Luna
Kimberly Roman

Baby Belly Band - Luna

Helps my baby burp and pass the gas. Having a colic baby feel relieved is everything!

Baby Belly Band - Sage
Joy Austinson

The belly wraps are something I would have never thought of and really helped while my twins were colicky!

Baby Belly Band - Feathers
Heidi Phillips

Baby Belly Band - Feathers

I guess my son loves it. Well I did do too

Love it

My daughter was having issues with colic and was always fussy when she was awake and had a hard time sleeping. We bought this thinking if it works great, if not then oh well, and let me tell you it works for her so well. Within the first 10 minutes of putting on the band she is calm and usually asleep and usually passes most of her gas in her sleep. It's a life saver when nothing else worked!

Baby Belly Band - Sage
Sarah Laumer

Baby Belly Band - Sage

great course

my wife loves it and it assisted her well with our baby