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"Best thing ever! We love our MEMEENO belly wrap! It’s cute and useful. It’s definitely perfect for when our baby is fussy and needs some comforting."
-Tory A., MEMEENO Customer


Snuggle. Soothe. Love.
The MEMEENO band helps soothe and calm your baby in a safe, stylish, and effective way. It keeps your baby’s tummy warm and protected. The band helps ease colic, tummy aches, gas, and general fussiness. When baby's calm, mama's calm and everyone can enjoy the precious moments of cuddles and snuggles.


  • This award-winning band, patented is made with 100% organic cottonfront & back with super soft polyfleece lining. It’s all you need to keep baby’s tummy warm & protected. 
  • For some babies, the band helps with colic & soothes your baby's tummy aches, gas, constipation & general fussiness. 
  • Self-heating.The triple layer band warms itself using your baby's own body temperature, warming to soothe & calm your fussy baby. No need for harmful, microwavable heating packets, medicines, drops, waters, teas or tinctures. 
  • Recommended by doctors, nurses, sleep consultants...moms & dads!
  • Helps promote better sleep. Helps you both to reconnect & enjoy your warm, precious moments together.
  • BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free, Latex-Free, Lead-Free.
  • Handcraftedand made to last with reinforced triple stitch binding hem.
  • Can be worn anytime while monitored& best used after a warm bath.
  • Sized for comfort, the band is made with a secure, adjustable touch fastener.
  • One-Size-Fits-All. The band fits 0-12 month old
  • Prints use all organic, water-based
  • Exclusive prints designs with a modern, stylish flare. 
  • Designed by a certified pediatric sleep consultant& mom of a premie.
  • A perfect gift for baby showers and new parents.

*This product is not intended for use on infants with any medical conditions (i.e GERD, reflux, or hernia). 


  • Gently wrap around baby’s waist, snuggly fasten at the belly, leaving one or two-finger spaces in between baby and band. A little pressure is okay, but do not fasten too tight. It can be worn directly on the skin or over a bodysuit. Do not place the band over a swaddle or swaddle sack while sleeping. Always place it under the arms and over the belly and monitor your baby while wearing the band.

    For more detailed information about the use of the band please visit the Product Use & Safety Guide.


Why Parents Love MEMEENO Bands

two babies on bed wearing memeeno belly bands for infant gas and colic relief

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Customer Reviews

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Seems to be working!

I have a 5 week old son who was in visible pain from his gas. We were using gripe water in his formula, gas drops, hypoallergenic formula, and he was still so gassy. Ordered this band last week and rec’d in on Monday. Came very quick and was notified by Memeeno on every step of the delivery. The band is helping him pass gas easier and he is no longer in pain. He still isn’t sleeping through the night, but it has reduced his time awake in the twilight hours and he is a happy awake baby versus an angry awake baby. Thank you Memeeno!

Made a Huge Difference!

My little one can be sure colicky. The belly bands made a huge difference for her. Definately helped 100%.

Nice band it seems to work ok

I needed to try something different for my newborn son and nothing wasn't helping so I decided to give this a try. My son is month old now and he is passing gas and farting now. Thanks to band he has bowel movements not alot but at least once a day. I didn't think it would work the luna belly band but it did. Thank you!!! I can get a little more rest at night.

Didn’t work

We got this in hopes of soothing our LO and helping him sleep longer. Before he would just wake up and no crying but with it on, he wakes up even more often and cries like no other. After 8 days of this, we gave up. I’m always willing to try something to help with his sleep regression but I wasted my money on this. The material is nice and of good quality. That’s the only reason it gets 2 stars.

April Taylor

Baby Belly Band - Luna

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