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What It's Like To Be A Millennial Parent?

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Parents teaching their baby

Were you born between 1981 and 1994/6? If you were, then you are considered a millennial. An estimated 72.1 million Millennials are living in America, and 25% of them were already parents. In about 10 to 15 years, an estimated 80% of the said generation will also become moms and dads.

Millennial parents, or what we call "Parennials," were raised far differently from today's generations. What makes Parennials so different? Millennials have experienced life before the Internet, smartphones, and social media. They have seen and adapted to the then-and-now of today's society. They have learned a lot from past generations, applying what they think is useful and developing better parenting methods. So what it's like to be a Millennial Parent? ​


Millennials are busy moms and dads

Mom working with kid hugging her.
According to research, Gen Y adults or millennials are better educated than their past predecessors. 43% of women had bachelor's degrees compared to past generations, that is why many women nowadays have careers and are employed.

They want to contribute and make their family's financial status more stable. Many think this is not ideal as busy parents may not effectively provide the required attention their child needs. Research shows that, although two parents are working, mothers and fathers choose to still spend more time with their kids than the parents of past generations.

As opposed to the concept of wives managing the households from past generations, today's moms and dads share the tasks to accomplish their day-to-day itineraries. Even though most moms, are in charge of their kid's schedules or care for them when they are sick, the workload at home is still shared equally by both parents.


Millennials are more well-informed

Dad laughing while looking at smartphone

With information available at their fingertips, millennial moms and dads are more educated and informed about parenting. Parenting experts and social influencers share their experiences and helpful advice easily accessible to moms and dads worldwide. In fact, 3 out of 4 millennial mothers use the web for parenting advice, which is two times more than the moms who usually ask family and friends. Although asking for advice from other people seems alright, looking it up or asking it online is more convenient.

Other than that, parents use technology to contact their kids easily. They can track them using a tracker app or call them effortlessly when dinner is ready. Technology is truly beneficial for parents in this era.


Millennial parents saves more


Millennials are proven to be more organized and career-driven compared to the past generations. They have learned from their parents' experiences and from student loan encounters that made them more determined to secure their future.

The same thing goes with parenting; more and more millennials wanted to be efficient in securing their child's future. They don't want their kids to experience the burden of student loans, and they are more careful not to have debts. Based on Forbes Magazine, 66% of millennial parents save their kids' college funds, higher than Gen X and Boomer's. As a result, today's parents tend to save more and are further interested in investments.


Millennial parents believe in good communication vs. punishment

Mother talking to daughter
The new generation of moms and dads believes that it is best to raise your child by having open communication. For them, understanding is the key to build a better parent-child relationship and good behaviors are meant to be reinforced. It is best to discuss matters and listen to what your kids have to say. It shouldn't be one-sided and should not be solved by punishment. According to one study, parenting values also changed. The number one value millennial parents teach their kids is respect (34.5%), followed by responsibility (16%). These values are connected to having good communication, sincerity, and understanding. 

Millennial parents are more careful

Father helps son to wear mask

Millennial parents are more cautious as today's society and environment are different from their generation. Other than that, there are health threats caused by the pandemic, and parents can't help but worry and be overprotective. It's a good thing that parents can look up the Internet for safety tips, child-proofing gears, etc. The world may have changed but being equipped with knowledge and information is the best move to protect your kids from potential health and safety threats.

Millennial moms and dads may have a different approach to parenting, and they are still continuously learning and adapting to the changes of today's world. Whether you are a millennial or not, we parents only want what is best for our kids, and we will do our best to raise them to become better people. 

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