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How to Safely Introduce Your Children to the Water

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How to Safely Introduce Your Children to the Water

With summer in full swing, keeping your children safe around water is probably on your mind more than at other times during the year. There are so many different things you can do to keep your kids safe. But besides taking them to pools or beaches where a lifeguard is present, here are some tips that can help you equip your children with knowledge and equipment to help them feel more capable when swimming.


Use Floatation Devices

Using flotation devices is one of the most simple and effective ways to keep children safe in water. There are a variety of different options that you might consider. As you figure out how to choose the best options, set the example for your kids.


For example, if you’re going boating, wear a life jacket yourself to help your kids understand the importance of wearing them for themselves as well.


Teach Them How to Swim

As kids get older, it’s essential that you teach them how to swim. There won’t always be flotation devices available and eventually, they’ll want to hold their own in the water. Teaching kids how to swim can be done on an individual basis where you teach your children or you can have a swim coach teach your kids over the course of a summer or two.


Early childhood swimming lessonsfocus on water safety basics. For example, swim coaches will help your children understand how to stay floating in the event that they get tired of swimming and need to take a break. They’ll also teach your children what to do if


Practice Safety Protocols

Another important way of helping your kids stay safe around the water is to teach them andpractice various safety protocols. Take the time to help them know what to do if they themselves are starting to feel like they are drowning. Similarly, teach them how to respond if someone else is struggling in the water.


You should also teach them more specific safety protocols for the ocean. Help them understand how currents work, the importance of staying relatively near the shore, and how to spot dangerous marine life like jellyfish and sharks.


Ensuring your kids’ safety is hard all the time. It only seems to get harder during summertime when they’re home longer and when they can play in the water. Implementing even one of these tips can go a long way in keeping them comfortable and safe.

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