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What Happens in Gender Reveal Parties?

6 min read

Gender reveal party favors

 Gender reveal became a trend since the late 2000s until now. All parents are so excited to know their baby's gender and announce it to their families and friends in the most creative way. The advancement in medical technology can determine your baby's gender as early as 14 weeks. Using a gender ultrasound, it transmits high-frequency sound waves through the abdomen using a transducer. Then it echoes back as images of your baby. You can choose to have a copy of it as a video or a picture for remembrance. If you are up for fun and celebrations, throwing a gender reveal party can be so exciting! It may be a new concept for some, but we are here to share what happens during a gender reveal party or give you memorable and fun gender reveal party ideas.

(But please remember, do not use pyrotechnics at your gender reveal, they can be dangerous and have resulted in fires and injuries.)

 mom and dad holding an ultrasound

Party Host

Gender reveal parties are casual occasions and usually hosted by the expecting parents. There are times that the parents wanted to be part of the surprise and will assign a family member or friend to have it organized. The usual venue is still the expectant parents' place.


Theme and Attire

Most modern mommas nowadays are very creative, and when it comes to throwing parties for their little ones, they want it to be extra special. This is when theme ideas start to come in. From Harry Potter to sports themes, your creative mind is free to choose which theme suits your baby gender party! You can ask your guests to wear the clothes depending on the theme. The usual attire for guests is blue or pink, based on their guess on what the gender would be.


 Calendar on a white cloth

Best time to throw the party

You can celebrate your baby's gender reveal in the second trimester as long as you have the results from your ultrasound. Be sure not to celebrate it close to the baby shower date, which is usually held in the third trimester. If you want to have only one party, you can choose to celebrate both baby shower and gender reveal in one day. 


Your Guests

Who should you invite to gender reveal parties? The usual guests are close family and friends. You do not have to invite everybody. You can have the party recorded and send it online to friends and relatives. Other guests that you were unable to invite can join you in the baby shower event instead.

During this pandemic, it would be safe if you celebrate your baby gender reveal party with a limit of ten people, or you can take the party through Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet. Your guests may be far but the time they spent with you virtually is all that counts. 


Party Program

Gender reveal parties often consist of games, themed foods, and the main event, the gender reveal! Here are some of the best ideas!

Gender Reveal games:

White frame with pink and blue hearts image
1) He or She game. For this game, you will need a picture with shapes of blue or pink. Let your guests write their name on their chosen color to guess the gender of your little one. The guest who gets it right can win a prize. Afterward, you can put this image in a picture frame to remember this occasion and hang it in the nursery room.

2) Name Game. You will need a piece of paper with alphabets written on it. Your guests will be given a certain amount of time to write baby names that start with each alphabet. Whoever writes the most number of names will win!

3) Name the baby food. You will need to prepare baby foods store-bought, or mashed fruits or vegetables will do. They will simply need to guess what food it is and whoever guesses correctly wins!

4) Complete that nursery rhyme. Your guests need to answer fill-in-the-blanks nursery rhyme questions at a given time. Whoever scores the highest at the fastest time wins!

5) Chug the baby bottle. Fill baby bottles with funny tasting drinks or juice of your choice. Players need to drink from the baby bottle and whoever finishes first wins!


Gender Reveal Themes:

1) Ties or Tutus. This theme is everything about ties and tutus. You can use any dark color for the tie and light color for the tutus. You can have customized decorations or foods (cookies, cupcakes, etc.) that are also designed for the said theme.

Harry Potter theme Gender Reveal Party

2) Harry Potter Theme. For the parents who's fan of Harry Potter. Only the sorting hat knows what your baby's gender is! You can hide a baby onesie (blue or pink) under the sorting hat, then reveal! 

3) Pink or Blue. The classic boy or girl theme. You can just put touches of blue and pink as decorations. It can be a modern, classy, or minimalist design.

Royal themed party

4) Royal theme. It can look elegant as the royalties but not that expensive, depending on how creative you are. Your designs can say Prince or Princess in them. You can also have a crown or a tiara as part of your decorations. (Not the real ones, of course!) The usual colors for this theme are royal blue, emerald green, pink, and gold.

5) Staches or Lashes. Another classic party theme. You can decorate with a mustache in blue designs or lashes with a touch of pink. This theme is fun and classy!


Gender Reveal Ideas. Parents usually wait midway through the party before they announce their baby's gender.

1) Paint Guns. This is the most creative way on revealing your baby's gender. The parents can wear white and each guest will be given a paint gun. The gun is loaded with blue or pink paint in which the guests didn't know. Then they will be targeting the couple with their paint guns and the gender will be revealed! 

2) Belly Pop. This is one of the games that you can play outdoors. All you need is to put pink or blue paint in one balloon and white paint or the rest of the balloons. Place the balloons securely on wood or board. Let the guests pop the balloons until they'll be able to pop the right one to reveal the gender.

3) Gender Reveal Box. All you need is a big box and put blue or pink balloons inside. You'll just need to open the box when it's revealing time and surprise your guests on what balloon colors are inside! You can order gender reveal boxes in a party store, Etsy or Amazon. You can also ship this to family or friends who lives far away.

Colorful Cake

4) Gender Reveal Cake. You can request this from bakers who are making customized cakes. Ask them to put a blue or pink filling inside the cake, depending on your baby's gender. Once it's time for the reveal, cut a slice, and let your guests be surprised!

5) Gender Reveal Confetti. There are gender reveal party poppers sold in the market, which contains pink or blue confetti. You can give one to each guest, or you can have two for you and your partner. Pop them up for gender reveal time!


To give or to receive?

As guests, gifts are not required, but the parents will appreciate any gift that comes from the heart. Since you do not know the gender of the baby yet, you can choose to give baby items that are neutral or unisex in color. If you are unsure, you can choose a gift for the mom. An example of this is our De Luxe Spa Bundle so mom can pamper herself, take care of her body before she gives birth.
Spa bundle

As the party host, a way of saying thank you is giving your guests' party favors. It is not required, but receiving a gift from you will surely be appreciated. There are many unique party favors that you can give. One of those is our All-Natural Olive Oil Soap Samples (set of 12). The party favor that can leave their skin, healthy, smooth, and silky.

All-Natural Olive Oil Soap         Organic Bamboo Washcloths

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