MEMEENO Chief Soothing Officer, Alie Al-Jadda shares her journey on Techmae

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Techmae, the first online social network app for women, has featured our mompreneur and creator of MEMEENO, Souheila 'Alie' Al-Jadda. She shares her journey on being a Chief Soothing Officer for MEMEENO, how it started, and how she passionately wants to give back to the community by helping parents and their babies ease their colic and gassy symptoms. Read more...

MEMEENO Belly Band Ceta Whale

About MEMEENO Belly band

MEMEENO designed and created a self-heating Belly band that is specially made for babies to soothe and bring comfort to their little tummies. It helps ease colic, tummy aches, gas, and general fussiness. It also has stylish designs that are made from water-based dyes, and the band itself is made of 100% organic materials. You can be sure that it's safe for your baby.

Techmae mobile app

About Techmae

Techmae is an online mobile app that promotes empowerment to women from all industries, ages, and demography. It was developed as a tool for women to support other women, ask for help if needed and uplift each other.

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