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Top 10 Easter Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy

3 min read

MEMEENO Blog: Top 10 Easter Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy

Easter is just around the corner, and it is all about spending time with your kids! You can choose to have a vacation, or organize something fun for your family. Simple, fun Easter activities can be planned ahead, and it does not need to be complicated. Here are some of the easiest yet exciting activities you can do with your family this Easter:


Family Charades
1. Easter Egg Charades

Playing charades is fun and exciting as it brings out the creativity in each of us. It allows us to think outside the box, builds a light-healthy competition, and is a sure ice breaker. For this game, you will need to put the prompts inside the colorful Easter eggs. Think of categories that will best suit your kid's age. For pre-schoolers, simple words like doughnuts, carrots, etc., are easier for them.



Easter Bingo Cards

Photo Credit: https://www.momsandmunchkins.ca/

2. Easter Bingo

It's like the usual bingo but with images about Easter! Assign a caller that will pick an image from the hat. Once an image is called, players should check their bingo cards and mark the image with a button, rock, M&Ms, etc.) Complete the required pattern and win! Prepare different prizes for your family to enjoy. If you wonder where to get those Easter bingo cards, they are available for download on Pinterest.



Jelly beans

3. Guess the Jelly Bean

It's a fun game allowing your family members to taste a jelly bean and guess its flavor! Another game you can do, is to put them in a jar and let your kids guess the number of beans; whoever gets the closest number wins and can take all the jelly beans!



Treasure egg hunt

4. Treasure Egg Hunt

Depending on your preference, you can hide Easter eggs indoors or outdoors. You can create clues about the treasure and insert them in the plastic Easter eggs. Once all eggs are found, it will lead them straight to the treasure! There should be a designated area for the egg hunt, especially outdoors, as we want our kids to be safe.



Easter cookies

5. Bake Easter Cookies

If you are into baking, it is the best time to bond with your kids by making Easter cookies! Use Easter-themed cookie cutters like bunnies, eggs, hearts, etc. This activity will help your kids follow directions, measure ingredients, develop motor and reading skills, be more focused, attentive and of course, they'll learn how to be patient. 



Kids holding Easter Eggs and Basket

6. Egg Toss

This is an easy and fun game that little kids will enjoy. You will need plastic Easter eggs and baskets, and the players will just need to toss the eggs into the basket, and whoever throws all the eggs into the basket in the shortest period of time wins! You can add basket decorations for that Easterly vibe.




Egg Shell Art

Photo Credit: mommademoments.com/

7. Make an Egg Shell Art

If you and your kids are into arts and colors, you can do an Egg Shell Art. You'll need crushed eggshells and arrange them to your preferred design on paper. Then, paint them using watercolor or poster paint. You can create a mosaic or make other artworks. Young kids can develop their motor skills and enhance their creativity and imagination through this activity.




Family watching Easter movies

8. Watch an Easter Movie

One of many activities a family does to bond is through watching movies, you can watch Easter themed movies with your kids like "Rise of the Guardians", "Hop", "It’s The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown", "Alvin and The Chipmunks:The Mystery of The Easter Chipmunk", and many more. So prepare the popcorns and enjoy watching these movies with the whole fam!




Egg race
9. Egg Race

Let your kids decorate their hard-boiled eggs. The game is simple; kids will need to put the egg on the spoon. They have to go through an obstacle as fast as they can. Whoever finishes first with the egg still intact wins!



Easter Parade

10. Attend an Easter Parade

Part of Easter tradition is an Easter Parade! You can tag along with your family as some cities have an Easter Parade Event. Have fun seeing a colorful parade and enjoy the energetic vibe of the event. You can search on the Internet about Easter parades near you.


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