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Is Olive Oil Good for Your Baby?

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Is Olive Oil Good for Your Baby?

Yes! Unlock the power of olive oil for you and your baby! When my daughter Mimi was a newborn premie, I always had trouble with her gas problems. I was breastfeeding at the time and I had way more milk than this 3 pound baby could handle.

She would gulp air during all feedings. At night, she would grunt and bring her legs to the air as her still undeveloped digestive system was trying to work out the digestion and air bubbles. I got plenty of advice on how to deal with newborn growing pains, including one to use a belly binder, which gave me inspiration, years later to design my own and help other mamas with their babies' gas troubles!

But another great piece of advice (that must be shared) was to use olive oil. Warm a little olive oil and give your little baby a gentle belly massage twice a day. This helped me so much with Mimi. She always felt better after a relaxing tummy rub. 

Today, olive oil is a daily part of our lives. We use it for virtually every day for various things.....we put it in our salad for sure! Research shows that olive oil helps with keeping your heart in check. I use olive oil as a moisturizer for my face AND my hair! Yes, it is great for your hair and skin. Just make sure you cover your hair when applied because it can get on your furniture, etc. It may not smell the best, but I have to tell ya, the results are aaaahhhmazing! So try it out on your baby and yourself. Tell me what you discover!

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