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How to Calm a Fussy, Colicky Newborn Baby

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How to Calm A Crying Baby

I recently attended a dinner party and the sound of newborn wails filled my friend's home.  A new mother was desperately trying to calm her crying baby. Mom felt anxious, baby felt bad, and we mothers, who were helping mamma, felt bad for the both of them. I had remembered a video, where a doctor teaches new parents how to carry a baby in a way that relaxes the infant. He calls the method, "The Hold."

I pulled out my phone as quickly as possible and showed her this video. In it, the doctor holds the baby in one hand, folding baby's right arm into his tummy and using his other hand to hold baby's neck up. She then tried to do it in the best way possible while rocking him back and forth. Suddenly baby quieted down a bit. Mother relaxed a bit. The house grew a lot quieter. Eventually, her little bundle of joy fell asleep. Ahhhhh.

If you are looking for new ways to calm your baby, "The Hold," might just work for you. Try it and thank me later!

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