New Mom Calm - A Guide for Keeping Calm with New Baby

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New Mom Calm - A Guide for Keeping Calm with New Baby

Being a new mom is one of the most beautiful things to experience. However, it is also a bit overwhelming and sometimes can be hard to manage.

Between feedings, sleep routines, and finding a new "normal", it is okay have these feelings, but just take a deep breath and follow along.

From one mom to another, here is a guide on how to keep calm with a new baby.

  1. Set up routines! Yes, I said it. Routines are key to getting through the day for the first few weeks. And, yes, adjustments can be made to routines according to changes your baby will encounter. 
  2. It is okay to take a minute. Like we talked about earlier, becoming a mom is an entirely new territory that takes time to get used to. Taking a minute to evaluate the situation is highly recommended!
  3. Take a deep breath! It is amazing what our body does when you focus on breathing in and blowing out. Whether it is 1 deep breath, or 5, it is worth the second to collect yourself before reacting to a situation.
  4. Lay down and REST. As crazy as it sounds, as high as the dishes are stacked... lay down. 
  5. And if you happen to be laying down and you have the opportunity, take a nap! You might even wake up refreshed and tackle those dishes after all! 
  6. Go for a walk! Nothing is better than some vitamin d and fresh air! You can put baby in a stroller or baby wear and walk. It is also an opportunity to bond with your baby and experience the outdoors! 
  7. Eat! Don't allow yourself to get "hangry"! Many times I found myself paying attention to baby and chores, I forgot to focus on myself. Feeding yourself is fueling your body to be more productive. So make sure you slow down and fill up!
  8. Read- Whether it is a spicy novel or a self help book, stimulate your brain! 
  9. Ask for help! Please, please ask for some help! As needy as it sounds, I promise, it isn't.
  10. Finally, remember to focus on the good. You have created a beautiful life and you're doing a great job! 

For all of our tenured moms, how did you stay calm with your babies?


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