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Gift Guide: Enneagram Edition

2 min read

Gift Guide: Enneagram Edition

If you don't know your enneagram type, go ahead and take the test here. 
These nine numbers identify your personality to better understand yourself and help others understand you, as well. 

Once you have your number, come back to this list and let us know how much you'd love the suggested gift(s). 


We know they are the perfectionist, but when gifting, focus on making their life more gratifying! Opt for something that plays into their realist mindset like these set of coasters or  this cell phone sanitizer. 




Helpers are hard to shop for, let's be real! Our best shot at making them feel the love is to turn the tables on them and make them accept your help. This can be done by this rad self care box or you can even opt for this bath tray so they can lounge easier! 



 You'll want to keep them motivated and show them you understand they love being productive. Try gifting a dry erase week boardto stay on track or this super cute pad to tackle their to-do list.



These people want you to see their heart. You'll have to really think hard on this but we have a few suggestions that just might do the trick. If they have a pet, try getting a personal portrait of their animals, or have their birth chart printed beautifully like this one! 




Known as the investigators, we highly suggest that you treat your five to a worksheet to learn how to handletter or even learn macrame like this! 


Your ride or die deserves the best, and we won't make you think too hard on what to get them. Try a weight blanket like this or this campfire game. Just remember, you'll also have to help them plan a game night! 


Spark their adventurous side with a weekend bagor this cute national park checklist canvas to challenge them to explore even more! 



Your eight pal will enjoy this RBG quote to put in her office. Or you can opt for this raw black tourmaline necklace so they can be protected while they protect others. 




They just want to serve others, so make that easy for them by gifting them things they can use to host or help others. Something like this personalized platteror even this beautiful carafe set


We hope this has inspired you to be more personable and thoughtful with your gift giving. We all love feeling seen and understood. 

What was your favorite gift on the list? 

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